1,104 fines per bottle and 8 alcoholic commas for minors




The Municipal Police has already collected the data regarding the sanction proposals imposed during the last Pilar bridge, corresponding to October 8-11. In total, there have been 1,104 (344 on Friday, 321 on Saturday, 173 on Sunday and 266 on Monday).

Although if something has made the news what happened in Madrid this long weekend are the riots, aggressions, robberies and brawls registered in the heat of the crowd, especially at dawn on Sunday in the Parque del Oeste and adjacent streets. In this sense, as ABC reported yesterday, the bridge resulted in 106 detainees, in that area of ​​Argüelles, but also in Malasaña and Villaverde; In the latter neighborhood, one of the furthest from the center, a brawl between Latino gangs broke out that resulted in 17 detainees and a 16-year-old boy stabbed in the knee. It happened early Monday morning.

The Security Area recalls that the special device, until Monday, was developed in coordination with the
National Police
«To try as much as possible to avoid incidents in all the parks, squares and streets of the city (in total, reinforcement of 874 CNP agents and 1,200 municipal agents –300 daily–).

Refering to Ciudad Universitaria, where in mid-September a bottle of 25,000 young people was registered, which ended without beginning, the presence of the municipal ones was less, since they focused their reinforcements in the central squares and the Berlin park, where it seems that a good part of the bottles were transferred to the following week.

Undercover policemen in large bottles

The local Corps has redeployed the Air Section, with its drones; the Canine, and the Cavalry Squad. In addition, as this newspaper anticipated, numerous policemen infiltrated to identify, in the bottles, the groups of criminals who are dedicated to armed robbery of mobile phones and wallets.

The Madrid City Council, since the summer of 2020, when the first de-escalation by Covid began, has a device of 200 agents from Thursday to Sunday for alterations in the streets, especially in the center, in the agglomerations of people who gather to drink in the streets. This weekend, On the occasion of the festivities of the Pilar neighborhood, a hundred uniformed men joined to fully control the capacity (using the anti-cut metal detection gloves) and fencing the La Vaguada park.

Football matches and the Rastro

Regarding the eight alcoholic commas of minors of this bridge (three of them, in the Parque del Oeste), the guardian agents will initiate protection files for their referral to the Prosecutor’s Office for Minors, in addition to notifying the parents or guardians of minors.

The work these days has been more intense than usual, since everything related had to work on the security of sporting events and the Rastro, which for weeks has returned to work 100%.

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