12-year-old Pablo Carmena from Toledo, the first student from Europe and Africa to complete the Kumon programs




The toledano Pablo Carmena, 12, is the first student in Europe and Africa to complete all three Math, Reading and English that are taught in Kumon, the largest educational franchise in the world with more than 4 million students enrolled.

Pablo, a student at the Kumon Toledo-Buenavista center, started in Kumon when he was 3 years old; At 11, in 6th grade, he completed the Kumon Mathematics program; The following year, in 1st year of ESO, he was conclusive in Kumon Lectura and this year, in 2nd year of ESO and, in full confinement, he completed the Kumon English program.

Thus, Pablo is already able to work with parabolas and hyperbolas by calculating geometric places and solving differential equations; can understand mathematical concepts and content associated with 1 year of university degree, and is also a great reader and is able to critically understand any type of text, not only in Spanish, but also original texts in English, the director of the center has highlighted Kumon Toledo, Julia Cabetas.

For this teacher, working with Pablo “has been quite a gift” because Pablo “is a well-rounded and happy student who is able to enjoy both a level O booklet and a birthday party with his friends.”

In this sense, he added that Pablo loves football, traveling and watching movies and series with his family, hobbies that he continues to practice, he likes science and he has loved reading Leonardo’s biography in English to see what science was like in that time.

For his part, Pablo has valued what each program has given him and has highlighted: «Kumon Matemáticas has made it easier for me to understand mathematics and speed in mental calculation and Kumon Lectura has helped me learn how to criticize a reading and knowing what kinds of books I like, and English has given me a lot of speed when it comes to reading in English ».

And he has added that the one that has seemed most difficult, but at the same time the most fun has been mathematics, so much so that he would like to direct his professional future to something related to them.

Pablo feels very proud and excited to be the first student to be conclusive in all three programs, not only in Spain, but throughout Europe and Africa.

And he has remarked that when he finished math, his teacher and his family encouraged him to try the reading program and when he completed it, he saw that “there was only English left” and he thought: “why not! It was a challenge that I set myself, ”Pablo concluded.

Kumon was founded 60 years ago precisely by a teacher, in this case of mathematics, Toru Kumon, and it has been established in Spain for 27 years, where it has 230 centers, distributed in 15 autonomous communities, and 35 provinces, adding more than 21,000 students.

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