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The President of Navarra, María Chivite, has announced that the State will invest 145.5 million euros to promote the construction of the railway corridor of the high speed in Navarra, coming from European Union Recovery and Resilience Mechanism.

Chivite has made it known in the course of the technical conference “Companies on the train! “organized by the Government of Navarra to promote the use of rail freight transport and intermodality. The consejero of Territorial Cohesion, Bernardo Ciriza, and the general director of Transport and Sustainable Mobility, Berta Miranda.

Navarra It has railway infrastructures that must be adapted to respond to future needs. That is why, both from the central government and from the Government of Navarra, is firmly committed to the development of the high-performance train, as is well demonstrated by the distribution of European funds to promote sustainable, safe and connected mobility through the promotion of rail transport ”, he highlighted Maria Chivite.

In this way, the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda (MITMA) will invest 105.5 million in the construction of the high-speed platform in the section that runs between the towns of Tafalla and Campaigns. In addition, it plans to allocate 40 million euros in the so-called “Tranche 0” in Castejón. It is a 4.1-kilometer link that connects the high-speed platform with the line Booths-Bilbao from the viaduct over the Ebro river.

In her speech, the President also referred to the fight against climate change, one of the greatest challenges of today’s society, and the incidence of transport sector In this regard.

“The European Strategy for Sustainable and Smart Mobility marks the need for the merchandise transports be more sustainable. From here I invite and encourage us to put our companies on the train to be able to connect them with greater horizons of growth and progress ”, he has influenced.

It should be remembered that recently the Navarrese corridor has been included in the Atlantic Rail Corridor, one of the two corridors that run through Spain belonging to the trans-european network, whose development is a priority for the transport policy of the European Union.

technical journey

The announcement was made known in the course of a technical conference organized by the Directorate General for Transport and Sustainable Mobility that brought together institutions, logistics operators and companies in Pamplona in order to promote intermodality and the use of rail freight transport.

The appointment, held on the occasion of the celebration of European Year of the Railway, has had the participation of institutions and operators such as Luis Moreno, Director of Logistics Services at ADIF, Joaquín del Moral, General Director of RENFE Merca Goods, and Alfredo Irisarri, Managing Partner of Teirlog Engineering, which have highlighted the benefits of intermodality both for companies and for the achievement of the objectives set in the strategy to fight against Climate change.

Likewise, different business agents have contributed their experiences of success with this mode of transport. The conference had the participation of Javier Vidal, Director of Corporate Relations of the Hutchison Ports Barcelona Group, Andima Ormaetxe, Director of Operations, Commercial and Logistics of the Port of Bilbao, Ángel Tellechea, Director of Operations of Gimex, Pablo Mendívil, Manager of Programming and Control of Production / Distribution from Volkswagen-Navarra, and Iñigo Gomáriz, General Manager of Mitsubishi Logisnext Europe.

In addition, the day has had the participation of the Former MEP Inés Ayala, RTE Rhine-Danube Corridor Coordinator, which has detailed the new instruments of the EU in train service for the period 2021-2027.

Freight transport in Navarra

On Navarra, the use of rail freight transport is minimal, compared to the importance of the road, and very far from the European average.

According to the data collected in the `Study on the demand for freight transport and the capacity of the Railway Infrastructure in Navarra´ (2015), 95.3% of the transport of goods with origin / destination in the Autonomous Community is carried out by road, compared to 1.2% that is carried out by rail.

In order to increase the modal share of the train in the medium-long term, the General Directorate of Transport and Sustainable Mobility works on evaluating and proposing measures that allow promoting this mode of transport in line with the policies of the European Union that advocate moving towards a more sustainable and intermodal freight transport.

It should be noted that the terminal Noáin moves to the port of Barcelona 6 weekly trains, to which a weekly train has recently been added to the port of Bilbao. In addition, in order to transport goods on the route that is feasible, an agreement has been signed between the ports of Bayonne and Barcelona and the terminal Noáin to unite the Atlantic and Mediterranean slopes.

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