15.6 inch computer cases, keep your laptop protected at all times

In recent years we have experienced an increase in the use of our electronics devices. We fall asleep consulting social networks or watching a series on the computer, we travel everywhere listening to music with our smartphone, we use the mobile camera to take photos and videos and we do not get rid of our laptop at any time.

Also, it seems that the telecommuting It has come to stay as many companies continue with this way of working once the pandemic is over. Now more than ever, we don’t move anywhere without our laptop. Therefore, it is recommended that you get a case that is light enough to transport it without problem but at the same time, that protects against possible blows.

There are countless models and brands on the market, each one of them offers different features since some include pockets to put accessories or even documents, others have a rope to be able to hang it on the shoulder and transport it more easily. waterproof materials to prevent the computer from getting wet etc. To make your choice easier, we have compiled a series of 15.6-inch computer case models with different characteristics so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Amazon Basics Blue Computer Case

We start with the most basic computer case of all. It is about this model in color electric blue from Amazon Basics. It is compatible with 15.6-inch computers and features a top zip closure. It is made of neoprene, a material that adapts perfectly to the shape of the computer. Regarding the design is simple and practical since it has a very thin thickness so that you can insert it in your backpack or bag without taking up too much space. In short, a practical and inexpensive option that protects your computer from possible bumps and dirt.

Ineseon Pink Computer Case

We continue with another simple model but very practical from the Ineseon brand. This case is compatible with 15.6-inch computers from the main laptop brands such as Acer, HP, Lenovo, Dell, Asus, Samsung and countless other models. It offers great protection in three layers: the outer layer made of thick, splash-resistant fabric, the middle layer made of padded 8mm foam that absorbs shock and the inner layer of soft lining that prevents scratches.

Furthermore, this model includes a smaller bag to put all the accessories such as the charger, the mouse, the hard disk, the headphones, the mobile etc. Available in five colors: navy blue, gray, pink, dark gray and black.

Shoulder computer case

Another of the models that convinces us the most is this one from the Voova brand. This is a laptop sleeve that includes a strap to be able to hang it on the shoulder when your hands are full and you can’t use the shorter handles. As for the materials, it has great protection thanks to its three layers, being the outer waterproof, the intermediate padded shockproof and the inner soft to prevent the laptop from scratching.

Despite having these three layers of protection, the case is light and thin so it takes up hardly any space. It has a zip closure on the top and two pockets, one on the front and one on the back. You can choose the one you like the most from the eight available colors.

Computer case with pocket

If what you are looking for is an elegant cover with a pocket Big enough to fit all your accessories, this model is perfect for you. It is a laptop sleeve compatible with 15.6-inch computers that offers a simple and elegant design, perfect for attending meetings outside the office.

In addition to its three-layer protection, this case offers extra device protection in the lower corners, shock and drop proof. One of the most remarkable features of this model is its large capacity, since it incorporates a pocket on the front with different compartments to store all the accessories you need.

Computer case briefcase

We end up with the most complete model of all, this one from the Trust Atlanta brand. It is a light briefcase with the perfect size to carry 15.6-inch computers. It has a long adjustable strap to hang it from the shoulder and two smaller handles to carry it by hand.

The padded interior It offers a large compartment for the computer and other additional compartments to store all kinds of accessories such as pens, mouse, hard disk etc. In addition, on the outside it also has another compartment with great capacity.

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