177 kilos of smuggled snuff purchased over the internet intervened in Albacete




Cash of la Civil Guard of AlbaceteWithin its functions of State Fiscal Protection, 177 kilos of illegal tobacco cuttings have been intervened, which the recipients acquired in an internet advertisement portal and whose distribution was carried out through parcel transport companies.

As reported by the Civil Guard in a press release, 80 complaints have been made for violation of the Organic Law 12/1995 on Retribution of Smuggling and Law 38/1992, Special Taxes, Special Taxes, as it is prohibited, both the sale and purchase of tobacco products over the Internet or other unauthorized channels.

Regarding the actions, for a few weeks, the Albacete Civil Guard had been aware of the remission of small packages, with different weights, which contained different amounts of tobacco cut, using it to transport the services of parcel companies , which were unaware of their content.

From the first moment, the Benemérita detected how in these packages, the sender indicated false data to avoid being located in case of intercepting the shipments, the recipients buying the tobacco cut, for their own consumption, through the Internet.

The Civil Guard has intervened 80 packages of different weights and sizes that contained transparent bags of cut tobacco inside, weighing 1 kilo each, lacking any type of documentation or intra-community seals.

Said interventions of the stagnant genre have been carried out in close collaboration with the Deputy Directorate of Customs Surveillance of the Delegation of the State Agency of the Tax Administration of Albacete.

Up to now, 80 people have been denounced as alleged perpetrators of violations of Organic Law 12/1995, of December 12, on Retribution of Smuggling and Law 38/1992, of December 28, on Special Taxes, which could carry fines of up to 15,000 euros.

The consumption of the intervened tobacco cut can entail a serious risk to public health, since there is no evidence that it has passed any sanitary control that makes it suitable for human consumption.

The Civil Guard recalls that tobacco is a stagnant product, so its sale is restricted to the network of tobacco and stamp outlets, to points of sale with a surcharge, or through vending machines of authorized establishments, their sale being prohibited through the Internet or other different channels.

The Albacete Civil Guard is now focusing its investigations on trying to identify the senders of the tobacco, settled in the Andalusian community.

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