14 officers fired for crimes at America’s most dangerous military base



The U.S. Army announced Tuesday having fired 14 officers who held command posts at the Fort Hood base in Texas, after a series of murders that have caused scandal in the United States.

With five alleged murders in 2020This Army base, which houses battalions deployed in war zones, has acquired a reputation as the most dangerous in the United States.

It was the outrage caused by the death of Vanessa Guillen, a 20-year-old soldier who disappeared on April 22 after being subjected to sexual harassment, which led to the Secretary of the Army, Ryan McCarthy, to order independent investigators, especially a former FBI member and another military judge, a detailed investigation into the situation at Fort Hood.

Vanessa Guillen had told her family that did not trust in the military hierarchy to ensure follow-up on a complaint of sexual harassment, and his relatives had publicly doubted the determination of the Army to investigate his disappearance, until his dismembered body was found on June 30.

That day, a suspect in the case, the soldier Aaron David Robinson, committed suicide after being questioned by the local police.

More cases

In addition, another soldier, Gregory Scott Morales, was declared a deserter when he disappeared in 2019, despite several indications pointing to to a criminal act. His remains were discovered last June, ten months later, when investigators were looking for Vanessa Guillen. Apparently he was shot dead.

«The tragic death of Vanessa Guillen and other problems that have occurred at Fort Hood have forced us to look critically our systems, our policies and ourselves, ”said Ryan McCarthy, presenting the findings of his report.

«It is not about figures, but about being able to have enough human decency as to be able to show compassion towards our teams and take care of the interests of our soldiers, “he added.

Soaring crime

The report notes that the Fort Hood base has a much higher crime rate than the others in terms of assassinations, assassination attempts, rapes and sexual assaults, robberies and drug use.

Cases of suicide, from desertion and of absences without permission, are much more numerous than in other bases.

The report concludes with the ineffectiveness of the base command, which has carried out insufficient investigations on cases of disappearance. Based on this text, McCarthy has ordered the dismissal of 14 high-ranking officers, including two generals.

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