A Lamborghini inspired by the robots of the 80s, luxury within reach of the privileged

TV series are a great inspiration for the motor world. Although a car has not yet been invented that can interact with its driver, as Kitt did in The Fantastic Car, the truth is that, on many occasions, reality does surpass fiction, or, at least, it tries .

The LamborghiniGundam It’s one of those times this could be real Mobile Suit Gundam was a 1979 series created by Yoshiyuki that gave a twist to the genre and the industry of that time. It is a robot history in which these were not as perfect as they were always painted, but could run out of battery or malfunction, just as it happens in real life. These machines were operated by a pilot and it is precisely from that idea that the Lamborghini Gundam emerged.

Based on Huracan RX with V10 engine That revolutionized the motor sector with its departure in 2014, this model is pure marvel. Designed by the studio Charlie Automotive, the model in question is equipped with twin thrusters and turbos and not only that, but it also incorporates several new details, data that can be seen in the Instagram posts that this study has shared.

Since 2014 the designers of Charlie Automotive have been giving life, on the Yamashita dock (Yokohama) to this Lamborghini. The bumper has been heavily modified and includes LED lights both uncovered and behind the yellow lenses. The width of the car has also been greatly increased. The wheels show a hexagonal pattern, include almost vertical fins that seek to give stability at high speeds and cameras instead of mirrors. Even the steering wheel has been modified and incorporates the tonalities of the prototype of the series that it imitates.

The end result of this customization is, of course, worthy of being in the Lamborghini museum.

Lamborghinis to measure

Vehicle customizations are the order of the day, in fact, there is no celebrities that does not adapt his luxury cars to his tastes. Since Justin Bieber, going by Cristiano Ronaldo, until Kylie Jenner, everyone wants their vehicles to look unique.

In addition to customization houses such as Charlie Automotive, the luxury vehicle firms themselves have been taking giant steps to adapt their products to consumer tastes. That is why Lamborghini created, in 2016, a customization studio at its headquarters in Sant’Afagata, Bologna, where it makes the dreams of its VIP customers come true. In this space, everything can be modified, the only limitation is in the buyer’s pocket, which, in this case, does not exist. Here you can choose, in addition to the colors, different special elements, materials and everything that the customer wants. In addition, you can see, thanks to a configurator, how the final result would be.

No, it is true that a model like the Gundam would not come out of the Italian factory, but that is what motor and body fans are already there for, to give life to impossible dreams.

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