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This is not an easy time for Isabel Pantoja And, although this phrase seems like it can be used on any other occasion, since her son declared war on her, the tonadillera does not raise her head. A few weeks ago, the life of Kiko Rivera He turned 180 degrees when he stood up to his mother demanding that he return the part of his father’s inheritance, Paquirri, which corresponded to him as one of the main heirs of the bullfighter’s legacy.

Since then, many have been the people who have positioned themselves on both sides of the war between mother and child, although the majority against the singer. The first were the Dj’s brothers, Cayetano Y Francisco Rivera. Since Paquirri died in September 1984, the two bullfighters have been fighting to fulfill the last wishes that their father left written in his will.

The last to speak was Dulce Delapiedra, the person who has embodied the role of official nanny of the Cantora clan. After almost three decades working for Isabel Pantoja, in 2014 she was fired for no reason and withdrew her word. Since then Delapiedra has toured the television sets recounting the intimacies of the Pantoja clan and attacking harshly against all its members -all except Isa Pantoja, the youngest daughter of the tonadillera and with whom she maintains a great relationship.

Dulce, Chabelita's nanny, takes her to dance classes
Dulce, Chabelita’s babysitter, takes her to dance classes – Gtres

This week, Dulce Delapiedra has once again starred on the cover of a heart magazine to talk about what was her best friend for years. The ex-nanny has given an interview with «Readings» in which she talks about the singer’s financial waste: «She has made a lot of money with her throat. A lot of money has been spent on clothes and cars. She has supported her family and has not known how to invest “, and that when she did the shopping with her meager salary,” when I passed the bill to her, it was a fight to pay me. ”

He also tells all the sacrifices he made for his boss. «Nobody treated her like me. Nobody disagreed with him, they just gave him his ears “, and added:” If he felt like it at three in the morning, he would order a sirloin or a coffee. He will never have anyone like me “, more” I wanted him to be for life and grow old with me. Dulce has confessed that the tonadillera promised her an apartment she had in Fuengirola, but she decided to sell it. “She told me that I kept it to myself for helping her so much.” But his obsession with money made him not keep his promise. «With ‘Survivors’ he did it for zeros. For his bad head he has seen himself entering jail. He left a rag to get on stage ».

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