A patient gives the health workers a lottery with the date of his discharge from the ICU




At 50 years old, this man, who prefers to remain anonymous, wanted to thank the health workers of the Ourense Hospital, where he was admitted for 42 days in the ICU and six more days on the ward, for the care and humane treatment he received during their fight against the coronavirus.

Even facing the consequences that the virus has left in his body, the patient, who cannot find enough words of gratitude to dedicate to the health personnel of the center, has wanted to present them with “luck”. By choosing as the number the date of the day you left the ICU, May 5, 2020, you have purchased 60 tenths of the Christmas Lottery to distribute among the 283 professionals who worked piecework – and still continue to do so – during the first wave of the pandemic.

The man from Ourense wanted to make his story known through an anonymous letter reproduced by “El Faro de Vigo” and “Levante-EMV”. In it he tells how his fight against the disease was after his hospital admission on March 24: «After time I knew how serious I got to be. At the time he was not conscious. The situation was not looking good, not good at all. I remember that two professionals received me at the ICU – they all are, and it’s not rally – and that they quickly set out to sedate and intubate me. Those who were there know very well how I entered and how they had to act.

In his writing, the patient remembers how his stay in the hospital was for him. «I came out of pneumonia, they intubated me again for another, they did a tracheostomy …, and we did not give up. I didn’t give up because you guys didn’t let me give up. In those moments of fear, doubt, fear, you and you, with your work, dedication and tenacity, guided me. I can only thank you for what you do in your day to day, “he gratefully tells.

Aware of the luck he has had in overcoming the disease, he took the advice of a nurse to the letter who, during his stay in the hospital, commented: «¡¡¡With the luck that you’ve hadYou have to play the lottery, let’s see if it’s your turn! ». He has wanted luck to be played by all those who accompanied him during his fight, betting on a number that also responds to the date of birth of his young daughter, who came to the world the same day he left the UCI, 05520.

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