A young pregnant woman dies in Granada, a victim of Covid-19




A woman from Granada has died a victim of Covid-19. The woman is very young, no more than thirty years old. And she was pregnant, as you may have learned «Ideal». I do not know the case, but be that as it may, it is a huge drama, “he laments Jorge Fernández Parra, President of the Medical College and gynecologist at the Maternal and Child Hospital of the capital. Fernández indicates that, with respect to the first wave, have seen ‘a higher incidence of Covid patients in pregnant women». The difference, he stresses, is that “in the first wave the cases, although less, were more serious.” The dean of physicians also insists that pregnancy is not a risk factor when it comes to catching Covid-19, so no major alarm should be created in pregnant women.

«None beyond the logical precaution that should be taken. The important thing is not to catch it. It is very rare for Covid-19 to become complicated in young people, but no one is exempt from complications. And, although pregnancy is not a risk factor for it to evolve further, it should be a reason to take the utmost caution with your contacts.

Fernández does not know of any other case of pregnant Grenadines who have died from Covid-19. «Most who pass through here are asymptomatic, very few suffer from the symptoms. And here there is only one case in the ICU ». And he ends: «The percentage of admitted has actually grown. The other time there were a handful of cases in the entire first wave. Now we have one or two pregnant women every day. We must not lower our guard.

The province of Granada registered another ten deaths from coronavirus last Sunday, bringing the total number of deaths to 898 since cases began to be registered in March. At the other end of the scale, the number of recovered that appeared in the daily report of the Health delegation amounted to 1,691 people. Hospital pressure continues to fall slowly in the province and, from Saturday to Sunday, there were nine fewer hospitalizations, leaving the total number of admitted in 318. The number of patients in the ICU stayed at 85 people, two less than Saturday.

Another positive fact to highlight from this last part, relative to the previous 24 hours, is that the number of new infections is not very high and only 31 new cases were confirmed in the province. A very low figure registered in the middle of a bank holiday, marked by mobility restrictions, curfews for shops and bars and, also, bad weather. Last Monday, November 30, for having a data to compare, the hospitals filled 477 people admitted for coronavirus, which represents a decrease of 33% in terms of patients in hospital centers.

More information in Ideal from Granada.

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