Ayuso reiterates that an electoral advance is not proposed in Madrid



The president of the Community, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, has reiterated this Wednesday that There is no plan to advance the elections in Madrid. «I have what I want in Madrid. I want a government like the one I have, which is creating between PP and Citizens and backed by Vox, “he said in an interview in” Telecinco “, which collects Europa Press. The head of the Madrid Executive has insisted that she believes that the union of the center right is “the most sensible project for Spain”. “I want us to remain united”, has sentenced.

Regarding the “fiscal harmonization”, Ayuso has considered “very offensive” that the central government try to fuel “territorial tensions” using taxes. “It hurts me that at a time like this, where the people of Madrid have had such a bad time and have lived through horrible scenes where so many people have died and so many people have lost their jobs and their business, Madrid is sold as a community of rich people”, has said.

For the Madrilenian president, telling a bar owner in Fuenlabrada or a woman who owns a haberdashery in Coslada that they are going to raise her taxes “because the independentistas say so” seems to her “at least an offense.” In his opinion, the Executive of Pedro Sánchez is trying to “promote territorial tensions and attacks between territories. At this point, she recalled that during the pandemic she has been “absolutely respectful” and has been always “at the service of other communities”, although sometimes the same has not been done with Madrid.

The regional leader considers that what other autonomies should do is “Lower taxes too” because if they do, they will start creating jobs. “Because Madrid fares worse, no one is going to do better,” he declared, while insisting that to defend Madrid’s tax system they will go “to all the courts” and will be “a real political nightmare.”

Regarding the vaccination campaign, Ayuso has maintained that they expect to be able to vaccinate against coronavirus “in record time” and it will begin in January for seniors in residences, health workers and people who are “on the front line.” The Madrid government is working right now on logistics issues. “We are looking at the logistics to see how, when we have the vaccine in Madrid, we do it in record time, as soon as possible because it is very necessary.” In addition, it has repeated that the Community will have 300,000 vaccines for the month of January.

On the other hand, the Madrilenian leader has criticized “the paperiness” of the former Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero in Venezuela, by endorsing “elections that not even the European Union itself recognizes.” “What a shame it has given me”He blurted out, after Zapatero required the EU to make a “serene and calm” reflection on the non-recognition of the country’s legislative elections.

Likewise, he has also censored the criticism he has received for his management by the second vice president of the Government, Pablo Iglesias. «That a Chavista say it shows you a lot. This man has lived and has drunk from the worst that there is in the world right now, which are dictatorships like the drug dictatorship in Venezuela ”, he launched.

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