Basaksehir: Who is Coltescu, the fourth official of the racist controversy in the Champions League?



The life of Sebastian Coltescu, the referee accused of making a racist comment during the game between PSG and Basaksehir, has been full of ups and downs. So much so that he has tried to commit suicide twice and that has been embroiled in controversial episodes in the Romanian league. Last night is the umpteenth controversial chapter of the referee, whose career has been greatly affected after the incident that took place in the Parc des Princes in Paris.

At 43, Coltescu has already had a taste of all the categories of world umpiring. He became a four-star referee for UEFA in 2006, but little by little it was demoted until falling to the second Romanian division in 2007. That decision plunged him into a depression that almost cost him his life., since only the police – alerted by his neighbors – were able to stop his suicide attempt in 2008. Sorry for his mistakes on the field, the referee threatened to jump from his apartment window, something that finally did not happen thanks to the intervention of the forces of order.

The psychic recovery of the referee allowed him to regenerate his confidence in the field, earning again the possibility of directing in first class and of being international again five years later. In fact, this season he has been the main referee in a Europa League game and was also a reserve in the duel between Shakhtar and Real Madrid in the Champions League a week ago.

In any case, his figure has always been close to controversy. This is confirmed in his country, where he has starred in different very controversial scenes. Like the duel between Astra and Steaua de Bucharest in 2015, in which annulled three goals to the whole of the capital, who lost 2-0 and whose protests put Coltescu in the “fridge” for several weeks. Two years before, he even sent off six players in the Petrolul-Gaz Metan, getting to face one of them, for which he was again placed under the scrutiny of those responsible for the Romanian arbitration.

Errors that are not human

Many colleagues and former colleagues have referred to him for his alleged lack of impartiality. Coltescu’s entire career is full of dark moments. He may be talented, but he could do better at something else. A referee is allowed human errors, but his haven’t been for years. There is no game in which it does not intervene directly in the final result, “said Adrian Porumboiu, former Romania referee, weeks ago.

The last few months have been difficult for Coltescu, who He saw his parents die of cancer in less than a year and that he also divorced his wife. Now this new controversy comes to him, tinged with racist overtones that he himself has tried to dispel. «Anyone who knows me knows that I am not a racist. I hope that at least this is said», Explained the referee to a relative who revealed the conversation in the Romanian environment “ProSport”.

In any case, the incident could definitely end his career, since both FIFA and UEFA maintain a total veto on racist episodes. The investigation is pending, but if confirmed it could mean Coltescu’s farewell to the pitch. At least, in Europe, although this farewell could also drag him into the Romanian championship, where he has also been questioned for a long time.

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