Dismantled in Barcelona a network of coca distributors on electric scooters controlled from prison




The Civil Guard, in collaboration with the Urban Guard of Barcelona, has arrested three people for drug trafficking in the Nou Barris district of the Catalan capital. The arrests have been carried out within the framework of a police operation in which 25 kilos of high-purity cocaine and 61,000 euros in cash have also been seized.

As reported this Wednesday by the Civil Guard in a statement, this is the second phase of the ‘JUKES’ operation against the drug market in this Barcelona district after verifying that the criminal organization to which the detainees belonged, whose ringleader is in prison from the first phase of the police device, he continued to operate from a bar.

Once the drug was cut and packaged, members of the organization distributed it in doses around the area, using electric scooters and taking bags from a well-known supermarket with him so as not to arouse suspicion. After the five arrests carried out in the first phase of the operation in November, the agents of the Team against Organized Crime and Anti-Drug (EDOA) of Catalonia continued with the investigation and detected that, even with the alleged leader in prison, the criminal organization continued to operate from a bar in the district of Nou Barris.

In this second phase of this operation, which took place on December 1, three people, of Spanish and Dominican nationalities and between 30 and 40 years old, have been arrested for the alleged commission of crimes of belonging to criminal organization and drug trafficking. In addition, the agents found in the trunk and back seats of a vehicle parked in a Nou Barris parking lot 25 kilos of high-purity cocaine that was going to be cut and manipulated, thus multiplying its quantity.

Likewise, in the search of the bar from where this criminal organization had continued to operate, the agents discovered a false wooden floor in the premises and intervened 61,000 euros, presumably from drug trafficking. With this second phase, the criminal organization is considered dismantled with a result of eight detainees, of which four have entered prison and with the intervention of high purity cocaine, 100 ecstasy pills, 400 grams of processed marijuana and 100 doses glass, a 9mm detonating pistol with 46 cartridges, three vehicles, numerous mobile phones and 104,000 euros.

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