“I don’t know of a single case of a worker in my health area who, after passing the infection, has had it again”




In this first week of December 2020 we were aware of a documented reinfection in the hospital Gregorio Marañón University. Pending publication in scientific journals, the news has been widely picked up by the media.

This type of behavior, atypical in science, where dissemination is done through scientific channels, has been repeated since the beginning of this pandemic that devastates us.

My question, as a veteran physician already, is whether this attitude is not contributing in part to the confusion about the disease in which we are immersed. Why do I say this? Well, very simple; Science, by definition, is a state of uncertainty where progress gradually consolidates after multiple timid steps forward and backward. Only when some discovery is unequivocally confirmed in one sense is it accepted as valid; at least, in the assumption in which the research questions were formulated. I will give an example, no one doubts today that those people who have had a myocardial infarction due to coronary atherosclerosis benefit from drugs that greatly lower their LDL cholesterol levels (the so-called bad cholesterol). Hundreds of studies in this line endorse it.

However, when it comes to Covid-19, any scientific communication has had an immediate and immense media repercussion. Logic, on the one hand, but not in accordance with the times required by scientific research. In addition, to this is added, the political struggle – legitimate in many other aspects – that here takes advantage of the uncertainty typical of science as a throwing weapon.

But I return to the recent example with which I began this writing. The microbiology team of a large Madrid hospital unequivocally demonstrates a case of reinfection by SARS-Cov2 in our country. And I wonder, in a pandemic with more than 66 million infected and more than 1.5 million deaths, the relevant news is that there are 27 reinfected Or, rather it would be, all the cases that having passed the infection have not done it again?

Personally, I do not know a single case of a worker in my health area who, after having passed the infection, has had it again. And we have been treating patients with this disease for 10 months now.

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