Junts, ERC and CUP propose a general amnesty since 2013 with “reparation” for the convicted




Junts per Catalunya, Esquerra and the CUP want to close the Catalan legislature by approving a joint proposal in the Parliament in which they will demand the approval of a law on “Amnesty” for all indicted and convicted independentistas by the «procés». As it transpired this Wednesday, this proposal will be voted on in plenary next week, the last one before the Catalan elections scheduled for 14-F.

With this gesture, the three pro-independence parties will try to stage a minimum of unity before the start of an electoral contest that, in its previous phase, already accumulated endless clashes and rudeness between the Junts and ERC, the main sovereign parties. The latest has been Esquerra’s criticism of the Puigdemont party for sending emissaries to a meeting in which representatives of the secessionist “extreme right” also participated.

As can be read in the motion for a resolution registered with the Parliament, and to which ABC has had access, the amnesty requested by the pro-independence representatives must have as its objective scope all acts of political intent “whatever their result” and whether they are classified as crimes or as administratively punishable conducts. According to its authors, the amnesty should be valid as of January 1, 2013 and until the moment of its entry into force.

For 1-O and crimes of public order

«Political intention shall be understood to be any fact linked to the preparation, organization, convocation, financing, favoring, promotion, execution and celebration both the participatory process on the political future of Catalonia of November 9, 2014 and the self-determination referendum of October 1, 2017, as well as the acts of protest in public streets (…) in order to defend the consultations mentioned or to criticize the actions of the governmental or jurisdictional authorities ”, points out the proposal.

Thus, its promoters want their general amnesty proposal to forgive all crimes of “Rebellion, sedition, embezzlement, prevarication, falsehood, disobedience and revelation of secrets” related to the «procés». It also wants to provide amnesty for those convicted or accused linked to the “preparation, organization, promotion and execution” of the 9-N and 1-O votes and those responsible for crimes against public order committed in the framework of the “fight democratic ”for the self-determination of Catalonia, among others.


The proposed resolution by Junts, ERC and the CUP also calls for the amnesty “Repair” the “damage” caused to convicted persons and defendants, as well as their families and the groups of which they are part. For the aforementioned formations, this process should also provide for “measures” in relation to those “responsible for the repression of fundamental rights”. However, they do not specify the “measures” or the “responsible parties” to which they refer.

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