Psychedelic prints and an infallible lipstick for the man of 2021, according to Dior

Kim Jones It is once again committed to contemporary art in a collaboration that has already become a tradition in the latest Dior collections. On this occasion for the Fall 2021 collection, the Maison’s artistic director has partnered with the American artist Kenny Sharp, an American artist whose work is inspired by cartoons with nods to the future and references to historical art movements.

Models from the Dior Fall 2021 show
Models from the Dior Fall 2021 show – © Christian Dior / Kinetic

In the workshops Dior, The works of Kenny Sharp they were translated into prints and embroidery, with archival pieces and a series of new commissions created expressly for the collection Dior Men Fall 2021: the drawings with the animals of the Chinese zodiac. Thus, Kim Jones proposes us a contemporary, hyper-colored, psychedelic and hyper-real man, who certainly does not go unnoticed. This interpretation reflects the evolution of a Haute Couture House in the 21st century and its synchronicity between the reality of current fashion, the dream of past history and the great possibilities that the future holds.

The distinctive mark of the Dior house, the tailoring, is the foundation, and emphasizes the intensified desire to create formal ensembles. The Oblique Tailor Paired with tailored coats and slimline single-breasted jackets, they fit snugly, casually, and are worn with a waist belt in homage to the Bar jacket. An evolution of the New Look revolution and its pivotal Dior icon.

Bold and futuristic. The virtual presentation of the Dior Men Fall 2021 collection revealed a unique set designed by French director Thomas Vanz, which evoked an immersive cosmic journey through space and time.

A French Maison, an American artist and a tribute to Chinese craftsmanship and excellence, to a Dior man who knows no borders.

Natural beauty and a lipstick with history

Backstage images of the Dior fall 2021 show
Backstage images of the Dior fall 2021 show – © Sophie Tajan

For this new Kim Jones Fall 2021 collection, Pether Philips, director of the creation and image of Dior makeup, has created a natural image to introduce us to a man whose skin is cared for, luminous and flawless. One of your ‘must’? An infallible lipstick.

Barra de labios Rouge Dior Satin Balm (41 €)
Barra de labios Rouge Dior Satin Balm (41 €) – © D.R.

It’s about the Rouge Dior lipstick. In 1953, driven by the desire to Christian Dior to beautify not only women, but also their smile, the Maison created this iconic lipstick that has since carved out an absolute icon status thanks to its color palette, its stitching finishes and its unmistakable formula, recently enriched with a of a double dose 2 of flower care. Today, the new Rouge Dior Satin Balm, the first universal transparent finishing seam balm, completes the range of 75 Rouge Dior colors. Peter Philips presents a new balm that contains 95% ingredients of natural origin to care for the lips every day.

Rouge Dior Satin Balm It can be used alone, without measure, for a calming effect and also to hydrate and prevent dry lips. This new balm can also be added to your makeup routine as the first step before coloring. Prepares the lips before applying the lipstick, thanks to an additional dose of care, while providing extra comfort. The lipstick will be launched worldwide on January 15, but until December 11 it will be available exclusively in its newly opened online store only for 3 days for € 41.

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