Rockdelux comes back to life as a digital payment method




Seven months after crying her eyes out, “Rockdelux” he takes off his shroud by surprise and comes to life in digital format. Thus, the death announced with the May issue was not the end, as was said then, but a parenthesis after which the publication, now sponsored by the Primavera Sound, takes up its 35-year history as a “100% online medium with new content on a daily basis, a completely updated image and an approach that will combine the experience of the headline with the renewing vision of the new digital generation.” This return to life, in order not to miss tradition, will coincide with the traditional end of the year summary. “2020 could not be without our lists of the best of the year”, celebrated this Wednesday the publication on his Twitter account.

Under the motto of “Same but different”, The publication wants to broaden its horizons and, in addition to a diet rich in music, series, cinema, literature and comics, main dishes on the menu, it will add other cultural expressions such as video games, fashion, gastronomy or sports. For this, they announce from the magazine, the list of collaborators will be expanded to include new voices and latitudes, with a renewed emphasis on the Latin American continent and a cast of invited firms that will undoubtedly enrich the plurality and diversity of the header. “Always under a rigorous and attractive treatment of cultural journalism, vibrant and revealing, fleeing from sensationalism and amateurism”, they defend.

The return of “Rockdelux” It is also an attempt to claim the professionalism and quality of the content in these times of total free. Hence, this digital resurrection is accompanied by a paid digital subscription: the only way to access the content of the will be prior payment will be 3.99 euros per month if the monthly mode is chosen, or 40 euros in a single payment if the annual is chosen. The launch of the website will come, yes, with a first month at the promotional price of 1 euro for all subscribers. In addition, any reader can access a total of five content per month for free just by registering.

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