Steven Soderbergh (“Ocean’s Eleven”) will be in charge of producing the Oscars of the pandemic



Steven Soderbergh will produce alongside Stacey Sher Y Jesse Collins the television broadcast of the Oscar of 2021, a gala that is still unknown how it will be due to the pandemic.

“The next Oscars are the perfect occasion for innovation and to reimagine the possibilities of the awards,” they said in a statement on Tuesday. David Rubin, president of the Hollywood Academy, and Dawn Hudson, CEO of the institution that organizes the most important movie night every year.

«This is a dream team that will adapt directly to these times (…). The Academy is excited to work with them to offer an event that reflects the global love of movies and how they connect and entertain us when we need them most, “they added.

The heads of the Academia They did not clarify if it will be a face-to-face, virtual or hybrid event, a question that is right now the big question regarding the next Oscar.

Some Oscars in April

What is confirmed is that the 93rd edition of these awards will be held on April 25, 2021 after two months were delayed, like the rest of the awards of Hollywood, to adapt to the exceptional context of the pandemic that has kept the rooms closed for months.

For this reason, Oscar On this occasion, they will also allow films that have only been released on the internet to be eligible for the statuettes.

“We are equally excited and terrified,” quipped Soderbergh, Sher and Collins, who will debut as Oscar producers.

“Because of the extraordinary situation we all find ourselves in, there is an opportunity to focus in a new way on movies and the people who make them, and we hope to create a show that really feels like the movies we all love.” they stated.

Collins has produced galas such as the Grammys, while Sher opted for the Oscar for best picture for the tapes «Erin Brockovich» (2000) y «Django unchained» (2012).

For his part, Soderbergh is one of the most respected and prolific filmmakers on the contemporary scene, he won the Oscar for best direction for «Traffic» (2000), and his very varied filmography includes titles such as “Sex, lies and videotapes” (1989), the trilogy of «Ocean’s eleven» (2001, 2004, 2007), or the diptych on Che Guevara “Which part “ Y «Che: Part Two» (both from 2008).

Face-to-face or virtual gala?

Although Oscar Today they did not clear up the doubts about the nature of its next edition, some recent information pointed out that the Academy wants to exhaust all the avenues before giving up a face-to-face gala.

Thus, last week a spokesperson for the Academy told Variety magazine that the institution intends for the next installment of the Oscars to be a face-to-face event broadcast live on television and not a digital gala that makes use of video calls. for the pandemic.

Variety assured that the organizers of the gala work with the idea that the ceremony is held in the most similar way possible to the traditional format, with guests gathered in a theater, for which they are studying possibilities such as a reduction in capacity.

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