“Strength, balance or hours of training do not differentiate it from other sports”



The breaking (official name for breakdance), confirmed by the IOC as an Olympic discipline for the 2024 Paris Games, “No different from other sports” due to the fact that its practitioners “do not wear shorts and a T-shirt”, nor is it responsible for the fact that karate has been excluded from the French event.

Luis Vañó, president of the Spanish Federation of Sports Dance, thus defended the new status of breaking as an Olympic sport and was “surprised” by news that he did not expect until next year and that now gives him more scope to work on “the options of classification ”that it considers that the Spanish B-Boys and B-Girls (“ that’s their official name ”) will have in 2024.

The Paris Games proposed, and the IOC has accepted, that surfing, climbing, skateboarding and breaking be part of their program, in which they have not included karate, baseball or softball.

“It is important to place the issue in its context,” Vañó told Efe. «Any host city has the possibility to choose five sports and Paris has chosen four, so I don’t think that because breaking came in, another had to come out».

«I manifest my full support for the karate federation and to the claim work done by its president. It’s hard to get kicked out of the Games before you’ve had a chance to present your sport. But it is not about ‘breaking’ yes or no because karate yes or no “, he added.

Faced with skeptical opinions about the validity of breaking, Vañó said that it is “absolutely” a sport, although he admitted that “many people will have a hard time understanding it. «It seems that if you don’t go with shorts and a T-shirt, you are not a sport. But things have changed a lot, there are other mentalities, “he said.

“It would be necessary to agree on what the term ‘sport’ means, but it would never depend on the clothing, but on the exercise that is carried out. In breaking, the strength, balance, speed, work or hours of training do not differentiate from other sports, “he said.

Vaño noted that recognition a year earlier than they expected gives them “very valuable extra time.” Spain has “more boys than girls” close to the world elite. «They are still somewhat young and that is why these three years are going to be so good for us. But in boys we have three or four B-Boys almost in the world top-ten and we are going to fight to make them a classification option, bearing in mind that it is not yet known what the selection system will be.

On January 2, 3 and 4 in La Nucía (Alicante) the absolute Spanish championship, from which the competitors will start for the next World Cup, a championship that in its 2019 edition in Nanking (China) saw the Spanish Xak finish in fifteenth place and, among the B-Girls, to Sofi twenty-fifth. «We have to get used to calling them that, by their nom de guerre. It’s what they like, ”said the president. «I am part of the executive committee of the COE and I recognize that when the first announcement was made that we would enter the Games and we had the first meeting it was fun to see the astonished faces before all these new terms.

Vaño joked that he himself attends some competitions in his federation “with a suit and others with a black sweatshirt.” Entry into the Olympic program will mean “that we will enter,” he said, “into the CSD thoughts for 2021 budgets and that is a qualitative leap ». «This has offered a showcase for the sport dance ensemble. We are already looking to work with people who know the Olympism world and making plans. In January of this year we held a first rally with 35 boys and girls who we are looking at as possible Olympic candidates, ”said the president.

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