The hospitality industry can open its establishments in Navarra next week



The Government of Navarra has presented a video to remember the importance of continuing to work against the Covid-19. The vice president Javier Remírez and the Minister of Health of the Government of Navarra, Santos Induráin, have participated jointly in this presentation and in the announcement of the vaccination campaign planned for the Autonomous Community, starting in January.

Likewise, Santos Indurain has announced that they will meet with the different sectors and groups (hospitality, sports clubs, etc) to go on applying and deciding the measures to be adopted from now on before the next Christmas. Experts, he said, warn of another wave in January. The restrictions current events in Navarra lasted until the middle of this month, December, waiting for the evolution of the pandemic and the necessary measures to face the Christmas, expected for December 17 or 18.

The counselor has asked that mobility be the least possible, in reference to the perimeter confinement, because there is no other option if we want to work for health. There will be days with greater openness for family meetingsHe added, from December 23 to January 6, but the restrictions are also studied with the other autonomous communities. As for the figure of the “close friend”, he has indicated that they will value his position in a collegiate manner on this issue.

Even though Saints Indurain has considered that the balance is positive these days, do not trust. Today 86 new positives, with 26 people in FIA; a positivity of more than 7%. Still, Indurain has insisted on looking at the data from a broader perspective. There are 6 weeks of decrease in cases since October, but there are still saw teeth and in the last 14 days the incidence has also decreased with 220 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

The indicators assume that they go down a level of risk from maximum to high, but being cautious because they are still remarkable data and they are not far from risk and it would have to be 50 or 25 cases, at most per 100,000 inhabitants. Indurain has insisted that we must continue working hard to return to the levels and the ordinary situation, because it is still complicated and it is difficult to break these trends.


The counselor has indicated that the next days, the cold, the month of January, with the return to school of the students after the Christmas, makes those dates a complicated time.

The December bridges, he added, that in Catalonia the opening process has slowed down, or Canada; but in Navarra It is still early days, although he has also said that the optimistic trend is consolidating, but there is a stagnation on the decline. Next week he believes that there will be a more useful analysis to take measures and, in the meantime, he has asked that the established ones be complied with and end the flu vaccination to begin in January with vaccination against the Covid-19. They are in intense work with the Ministry and the other autonomous communities to send an operational plan to the Beor, has commented.

Indurain plans to start in January with the most vulnerable groups, residents and health workers and residence workers, weekly due to the supply from the State, and in coordination with the services of Occupational hazards. The vaccine will be the Pzeifer, although there are other vaccines, he has added. The vaccination period will follow later with Primary care (in health centers) and people in their homes who require it due to their situation, and so progressively. In principle, there will be no need for staff other than for the flu and it will work together with the different teams.

The vaccine will not be mandatory in general, although it is recommended, and the experience of the flu has been an increase of 47% compared to previous years and hopes that before the Covid-19, the answer will be important. They believe that this vaccination will not increase until June as far as the general population is concerned. You have guaranteed your safety by the endorsement of Europe.

Indurain has indicated that next week necessary measures will be taken up and analyzed, for example with the hospitality industry, and to have a gradual flexibility, so that sectoral meetings will be held to see a broader time horizon, both to speed up and to restrict.

Contacts will be with Navarra Federation of Municipalities and Councils, sports, hospitality, culture, social health to update the regulatory framework according to epidemiological evolution to cover a reasonable time from December to the first half of January: with data from celebrations, events, activities, etc.

The counselor has considered that the hospitality and trade have their own phases and more in these times, according to this evolution, although the interiors of the hospitality may be opened next week. It has maintained as advice that family gatherings are not of more than 10 people. He has insisted that they will be as Christmas different, with meetings in which as few people as possible have to be, avoid travel as much as possible, to stop contagions and that in January we do not have to face a third wave or that if there is one, it is the least possible. Indurain has considered that the perimeter closure will be maintained, although there may be some justified mobility on certain days, as discussed for Christmas Eve, New Years Eve and that the formulas will be established. Javier Remírez has added that the police forces will continue to carry out controls, with an exemplary effort as in these bridges and in these months.

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