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Although it is not a scientific sample, the main searches carried out on Google, the largest internet search engine, is an effective thermometer to calibrate the interests and concerns of citizens. Like every year, what is entered in that small white box before hitting the “search” button has a lot to do with current affairs. The Spanish, in that sense, they searched issues related to the “coronavirus”, the “US elections” and “how to create bread at home.”

In the midst of an unexpected pandemic that has disrupted everyone’s plans and left thousands of deaths, Internet users have tried to make sense of what was happening around them, and that is why it is not surprising that “coronavirus” was the term that has grown the most around the world this year. It has been the term par excellence. The Spanish have wanted to know everything about this strange virus that has caused havoc in most countries. Last minute information, containment measures, the effects and symptoms, the news of the vaccine. It is what, without a doubt, has most interested (and worried) users.

In Spain, the Google search engine has been used to find out “how the coronavirus is spread” or why this new disease is called that, but also to learn how to “make homemade bread” or “make cloth masks” and inform us about “When do the hairdressers open”, “when the state of alarm ends” or “when you can travel to another province.”

In addition, many of the issues that have grown the most are directly or indirectly related to Covid-19 and reflect, according to the American company, that “new daily life to the one we had to get used to starting in March ».

Interest in cooking and recipes

And, an example of this, were the searches around virtual education that came suddenly, recipes of all kinds to avoid going out and optimize confined time (churros, donuts and homemade cookies) or the series and programs that helped to cope with the “extra” time at home (“The island of temptations”, “The strong house”, “Survivors”, “Lady’s gambit”, among the most sought after of the year). Despite everything that has happened around us, there were other issues besides health, which also aroused our interest, such as “how are the elections in the United States going.”

Regarding the category of music, the Spanish have introduced the names of Pau Donés mainly. The Catalan artist, known for being a singer and founder of the group Jarabe de Palo, died at age 53 in August after several years fighting cancer. Follow him Pablo Alboran, which released this year. And “Jerusalema”, a song that has become a cry of hope against the pandemic. They also appear on this list Cristina Ramos, Adele, Sebastián Yatra or Mala Rodríguez.

The “When” list, which generates more and more interest in the search engine, has been led by requests for information on “When is Black Friday”, “When do hairdressers open” and “When erte is charged”, among others .

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