The PP asks Sánchez if he will take measures against Puente if he does not clarify who paid for his “luxurious vacations”




The national parliamentarians of the PP of Valladolid will register in the Congress and the Senate the request to the central government of the contracts that the Executive may have signed with the Zaiglobal company and they ask the president, Pedro Sánchez, if he will take measures in the event of “it is not clear who paid for the luxurious vacations »of the mayor of Valladolid, Óscar Puente.

The deputies José Ángel Alonso and Eduardo Carazo and the senators Mercedes Cantalapiedra and Alberto Plaza thus transfer to both chambers this local controversy that arose from a contract that the City Council signed with this company for the acquisition of protection products in May.

“During the pandemic we have seen direct government awards to businessmen with friends in the Socialist Party. We want to know if we are in this situation again and to know if there have been contracts at the national level, “say the popular, who also asked the Executive if he considers that” his image is affected by a case that splashes the federal spokesman of the main party of the Government, the PSOE, and if Sánchez will take any action in this regard. The PP also asks to know what code of ethics “applies to members of the Government, and whether that code would allow them to receive gifts such as trips on luxury yachts, as this exceeds social uses.”

«It is already unethical for the mayor to go on vacation in the midst of a growth in Valladolid. It is the classic example of the cynicism of the left: in the morning to the barricades and in the afternoon to the seafood platters, “says deputy José Ángel Alonso, who adds that” it would be even more serious if he had played with something as sensitive as the adjudication of EPIs, on which the health and even the lives of many people depended, to be paid for a luxury vacation. “It is something that he has not explained and his time is running out: if he does not do so, he must resign, and if he does not resign, Pedro Sánchez must dismiss him as federal spokesman and ask him to leave the Mayor’s Office,” the deputy stressed in a statement sent by the political formation.

The popular ones also point out in it that the PSOE “has gotten used to its scandals of the day covering those of the previous day”, but in this case the PP of Valladolid “will not let this matter pass without Puente giving explanations, because the accusations that affect him are very serious.

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