The PP denies the agreement to renew the CGPJ that Lastra says “exists”




The Proposal of Law to limit the powers of the General Council of the Judicial Power (CGPJ) will be debated in the Plenary of the Congress of Deputies next December 15. The coalition government squeezes the Popular Party, but even so, the PSOE assures that they continue to “give them time” to negotiate the renewal of the body.

Apart from this parliamentary initiative, the Socialist spokesperson in Congress, Adriana Lastra, has assured this Wednesday that PSOE and PP have already reached an understanding to renew the organ and that it only remains for the popular to confirm it and make it public. As Lastra has pointed out, these they shut it up for “political convenience».

She has been the parliamentary spokesperson for the PP, Cuca Gamarra, who a few minutes later has appeared at a press conference to deny that alleged agreement. «Far from advancing in the negotiations, the parties that support the Government make them more complicated every dayyes, Gamarra has underlined. The vice president’s statements Pablo Iglesias attacking the PP and against judicial independence are not going in the right way.

The spokesperson for United We Can in Congress, Pablo Echenique, has assured that “there is no agreement of the coalition government with the PP” but has clarified that “if there is an agreement of the PSOE with the PP, I do not know that.”

The PP reiterates its conditions

To negotiate, The PP poses three conditions to the Government that in its opinion are not met: withdraw the reform proposed by PSOE and UP, that Podemos and Iglesias are not part of the conversations to negotiate the renewal of the CPGJ and that the independence of the Judicial Power is guaranteed. Echenique considers that it is “inconceivable” that the PP “wants to veto United We Can”.

“It is clear that the PP does not want to renew the CGPJ from the moment in which it sets unattainable conditions, such as that a part of the Government cannot be part of the negotiation of the judicial body,” the purple spokesman denounced.

The leader of the opposition, Pablo Casado, and the rest of the Popular Party leadership reject the PL that will be debated in the last plenary session of the year and the previous one that is frozen. Gamarra has also reproached this Wednesday that the reforms proposed by the Government are “to interfere with the independence of the Judicial Power.”

“Wait prudently”

“While we demand that the PP stop making excuses and comply with its constitutional obligation, we present this reform,” said Lastra. “We are going to wait prudently,” he added. The PSOE makes an effort to get the idea that they are still open to negotiate with the PP and that it is the others who are blocking the organ.

Of course, Lastra has also attacked the leader of the opposition: “I would like the PP, which defines itself as constitutional, to comply with the Constitution and unblock the CGPJ.”

PSOE and UP registered last week an initiative to reform CGPJ capacities when their mandate has expired, thus preventing them from making appointments. The Government keeps the proposal to reform the majorities blocked to renew the 12 of 20 members of the Judiciary, they wanted to go from a qualified majority (210) to an absolute majority (176), which would facilitate the body to be renewed with the partners of the investiture without the need of the PP.

This initiative was categorically rejected by the opposition, associations and European organizations. The PL that will be debated in the last plenary session of the year is focused only on limiting the capacities of the acting judicial body and has also been rejected by the PP.

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