The Royal Family of Jordan wishes Merry Christmas with a colorful “Christmas” pose



It is already a tradition for the Jordanian Royal Family to share a family portrait around this time since 2018 in order to congratulate the Christmas season along with the new year. This 2020 has not been an exception, that unlike other occasions, the family has radiated great happiness wearing the typical characteristic colors of Christmas, such as red.

As usual, the Instagram profile of Rania, Queen of Jordan (50 years), has become increasingly viral due to the closeness it shows not only with its people, but also internationally. In his latest publication you can find the family portrait to send your congratulations with the entire Hashemite Royal Family posing: King Abdullah II (58 years old) next to Crown Prince Hussein (26 years old), Princesses Salma (20 years old) and Imam ( 24 years) and lastly the least of all, Prince Hashem (15 years).

In addition to the family pose, Rania from Jordan has left a significant message for her six million followers: «This year, even though we have kept our distance, we have all brought our loved ones a little closer in our hearts. We pray for the health and happiness of all of you». It should be noted that in addition to the authentic style of Rania, unlike in other years, the traditional posing has always been characterized by the same position: the Queen of Jordan and the princesses on the left while King Abdullah stands next to the princes on the right.

The family photo highlights a range of Christmas colors thanks to the way the colors have come together highlighting a symmetry between the Kings of Jordan and their children: the Princesses, like their mother, with delicate satin dresses matching a brown, traditional Jordanian cut. On the other hand, the King, like his sons, has surprised this year because they wore a more “casual” style with shirts outside the pants.

Despite belonging to another culture, the Queen of Jordan increasingly expands the horizons of the Jordanian Royal Family by adapting to other circumstances. As she herself once said: «Any celebration that involves the family together will always be welcome, there are no better moments than those spent as a family!», This is how he turned the festive family pose into a tradition of sharing it through his networks to wish happy holidays. On more than one occasion he has come to congratulate Christmas but in a very discreet way, however, he has welcomed the new year with his whole family.

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