UAGN, ASAJA Aragón, AND ASAJA Lleida convey their full support to the hunter attacked by the bear Sarousse




The ranchers unions express their support for the hunter who was attacked last week, in the valley of Bardají, for the bear Sarousse. Their experience avoided having to mourn the first human tragedy, according to the cattle unions of Lleida, Aragon and Navarra

With respect to the result of the investigation still in progress, it appears that the hunter acted in self-defense, they add, and if it had not been, the deceased would have been him instead of the bear. The animal, which was quickly towards the hunter, fell less than 10 meters from him, they point out. It should be remembered that Sarousse, like the rest of bears in the Pyrenees, has killed innumerable numbers of sheep, calves, cows and foals, and that, as a wild animal, under certain circumstances it can attack and kill not only animals, as it has been doing until now, but also man: hunter, hiker, tourist or rancher.

“The one who at this moment has environmental collectives and public administrations that position themselves with the wildest extremes of animal behavior compared to the human part says very little about all of them “, he says Gonzalo Palacios, farmers of Izal, Salazar valley in Navarra,Y vice president of UAGN. “Creating gratuitous confrontations from a vision, sometimes distorted and other worse still, malicious, says little about those who seek that confrontation in order to achieve their particular profit through disagreement. This fed up situation is creating an undesirable situation; a strong sense of rejection towards those currents that electrocute coexistence and the desired and necessary balance ”, he continues.

“Since UAGN We denounce that there is no monitoring and control of Bears that allows to warn ranchers, hunters and population of their presence and thus avoid both human and animal misfortunes on the farms. “In this sense, it seems to us a lack of respect towards the livestock sector, that the geolocation devices, in many of these animals, have run out of battery and therefore their location is unknown, in such a way that it is impossible to carry out a preventive practice of their presence in our farms ”, explains Palacios.

Likewise, environmental collectives They are asking to stop hunting, especially in the bone areas. There has never been so much pressure for the damage that wildlife is causing, both to crops, livestock or traffic accidents, caused by wild boars, rabbits, deer, roe deer. “Hunting is more necessary than ever. Its environmental work is essential to control damage to crops, possible transmission of diseases from fauna to our livestock and ultimately to preserve a environment where the farmer and rancher can continue developing their multifunctional activity, essential for society as a whole ”, says Palacios.

“Since UAGN, we express our appreciation to the hunters. And especially, the hunter who suffered the attack of Sarousse. We know it went through a few moments that we didn’t wish on anyone. Let him know from these lines that since UAGN has our full support. We live in the world upside down. Given what happened, we should be focusing the accusations on those responsible for the bears and not against the victim. We are the ones who would have to open all avenues of responsibility in the face of what happened ”, he concludes.

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