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Apparently in his interview in the ‘Deluxe’, Rafael Amargo’s problem is hospitality. You have a hospitality problem. Her house becomes like a subway station because “joy” is sold there, “blessed glory” is given, the difference between a Bernarda Alba house and a Bernarda cunt from which to leave with less than what was entered.

Bitter was not in Telecinco as excessive as expected, but even so it went a long way. His sentences changed subject every four words, with something from Ángel Garó and something from Andrés Pajares, elusive due to the great taboo of the summary, where there is a precision scale that is not that of Justice and a police photo of things seized in the that he does not see a stash but a “still life.”

Being a bit disappointing because there was no scared, nor did the arch-enemy Patiño appear, it was extraordinary in his being everything: father and son, lover and husband, patriarch and skull, jotero and ethereal, straight and Roman, at times Lauren Postigo, at times Pepe el Romano, a box office and a cache, businessman and divo, debtor and creditor, sensual and therapist («master’s degree in drug addiction, mindfulness and mental health»), macho and Yerma, model and dancer, mystery and «María Clarilla», irate and sweet , mundane and lonely, pandemic and celestial, Lorca and Greek, who for something played a Dionysus once and saw him so similar to him that it was easy for him to do so.

The god led a retinue of nymphs and silenos, of fauns who surrounded him like a drunken court or a frieze inscribed on a portal in Malasaña.

Just when the big problem with the news are illegal parties, prohibited in Spain as bacchanalia were prohibited in Rome, this Dionysian folkloric who celebrated, with his three days and three nights, between the ‘chemsex’ and the tete-a-tete (“me one by one”), some zambras without discrimination of the “luster” or from the “corrzo”, journeys to the depths of the night in which to spot (Rodrigos de Triana!) what there is after the after the ‘after’.

“At the end of the tunnel,” as he says, “you will see the icing on the cake.”

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