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Today the channel is launched to the public Star, the new bet of the Disney platform to compete for the adult public. The idea of ​​this new channel is to provide content oriented to an audience beyond the current channels of Disney+: Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel, National Geographic and Disney himself. This new channel is expected to offer series, films and documentaries oriented to a older audience and to compete with other competing platforms such as Netflix, HBO or Movistar.

All this will be accompanied by an old authentication system and the possibility to include several profiles to control what content each one views, so that the little ones will have guaranteed access to current content, while a new channel is opened for the older audience.


As of today, February 23, the price for new subscribers who have not been members of Disney + is € 8.99 per month, The € 89.90 if the annual payment is chosen. On the other hand, for all those who are already subscribed to the platform, the price will remain the same until the first billing date after August 22 of this year. From that date the price will be the same for everyone.

This price places the Disney platform in line with its main competitors. To give some examples and except for the typical 7-day trial periods, on Netflix there are price plans in which you pay from € 7.99 per month and on HBO where the basic rate is € 8.99 per month.

What series and movies will be

In principle, the brand will offer through this channel all those contents that are now within the company. Among the main titles that can be seen through Star are already mythical series such as «24», “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Bones”, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, “Castle”, “How I Met Your Mother”, “Lost”, “Prison Break”, among other. Also timeless classics like “X Files”, “Desperate Housewives”, “Family Guy” and recent hits like «Modern Family», o «The Walking Dead».

As for films, you can also find successes such as the saga of «Alien», in addition to other classics such as «Pretty Woman», «Braveheart», «Titanic», The “Crystal jungle”. It is to be expected that thanks to the magnitude of the Disney group, the catalog in this sense will grow to become one of the great online content platforms.

From where you can see

The advantages of the new digital platforms are also in the number of devices from which they can be accessed. The platform Disney+ and the new channel Star will be accessible from television if connected to the internet or with associated devices such as Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, or Chromecast, among others. It can also be seen from PC, mobile and tablet in addition to game consoles of the new generations PS5, PS4, and Xbox One and S and X series.

See them

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