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The doctor Pedro Cavadas last year monopolized the media prominence for his fulfilled omens about the risks involved coronavirus. The surgeon predicted, amid accusations of “alarmist” and “propagator of hoaxes”, that the pandemic could decimate the world’s population. Subsequently, he did not spare criticism of the management of the crisis of the Covid-19 by the Government in general and, in particular, by the director of the Center for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies, Fernando Simon.

Later, Pedro Cavadas He expressed his doubts about the deadlines for the arrival of the coronavirus vaccine in an interview that became one of the broadcasts with the highest audience on television in Spain during 2020.

That day, the surgeon decided that he would no longer speak publicly about the Covid-19. A will that he verbalized on December 18: “I have nothing to do with that issue.” That day, the doctor appeared to announce a new milestone in his career. He had removed a tumor from a young Moroccan man that reached his waist on his face.

Pedro Cavadas He was making news again for his work. The same one that catapulted him for performing a face transplant or the world’s first bilateral leg transplant; which has earned him international recognition such as that of the United States Navy; or its entry, for the first time, in the prestigious Forbes list of best doctors.

Indeed, from the first day he was asked about the coronavirus and warned that the data reported by China was not reliable, Pedro Cavadas made it clear that he was not an epidemiologist and that his thing was reconstructive surgery.

In fact, the Valencian doctor and his team carry out more than 1,800 operations per year. Some of them address cases classified as impossible by other doctors.

Image of doctor Cavadas with one of his patients taken last December
Image of doctor Cavadas with one of his patients taken last December – ROBER SOLSONA

The last is that of a natural man of Equatorial Guinea that, as a consequence of the albinism that he suffers, suffers from multiple skin cancers. Pedro Cavadas has managed, through microsurgical reconstruction, to return the smile to the disfigured face of Reginaldo Carlos Mguema. In a few days, doctor and patient will explain how his life has changed after the interventions carried out in Valencia.

At the epicenter of coronavirus denialism

The Valencian doctor has continued his humanitarian work in Africa despite the crisis of the coronavirus. In fact, the Pedro Cavadas Foundation carries out the bulk of its work in Tanzania, a country indicated by the World Health Organization (WHO) for the denial attitude of its Government, which ended the pandemic despite the fact that data indicates that infections and deaths continue to be added as a result of Covid-19.

The Pedro Cavadas Foundation brought Reginaldo Carlos Mguema to Spain. The protagonist of the last “miracle” in the professional career of the Valencian doctor, who has faced the coronavirus crisis with the same recipe that has been applied since he graduated with Honor Roll in 1989 and that involves dedicating his talent to cases that others reject because they believe them impossible.

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