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The Alicante Local Police has dissolved on Saturday afternoon a group of 300 young people that, after the closure of the hotel business, they moved to the area of ​​La Ereta and the entrances to the Castle of Santa Bárbara to carry out bottle.

The operation in La Ereta has been organized with dozens of agents after verifying that the young people were going to the entrances of the park to carry out a bottle in large groups. The Police entered with the patrols through several accesses, when the young people, observing the police presence, fled to avoid being identified and punished. The police managed to denounce some 40 young people and seized all the drinks.

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Also, during the day on Saturday, the agents have dissolved 29 house parties. Specifically, in the afternoon, sixteen complaints from individuals who warned of the celebration of parties have been addressed. One of the most important has been dissolved in the avenue of Dénia, with young people who had been through social networks. The agents have drawn up fourteen minutes for non-compliance with the grouping of people who do not live together and disobedience.

Also, from ten at night to five in the morning, the Night service has dissolved other thirteen more parties in homes and they have sanctioned their participants. Specifically, they have performed at homes located on Jose Mª Py streets, Denia avenue, Alcoy avenue, Rodrigo Caro, Salabre, Primo de Rivera, Pantaleón Boné, Rodrigo Caro, Musician Alfonsea, Doctor Claramunt, San Carlos, Photographer Pilar Cortes and on Avenue de Loring.

The town hall It has indicated that surveillance and security control have been strengthened to be able to deal with bottles and parties in homes, with specialized units such as Fox or Goir and the Night service.

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In the vigilances with traffic controls and patrols around the city they have been lifted 26 acts of denunciation of people who have breached the use of the mask and groups and has participated in several meetings of more than four people. The agents have filed four complaints for disobedience of the Security Law and another two for urinating on public roads.

Of the total number of interventions, during the afternoon a control was installed on the avenue of Scandinavian Countries, in which three people have been denounced for driving under the influence of alcohol and they have stood up. fourteen complaints for traffic violations such as not having the insurance and the ITV in force, driving without a belt or talking on the mobile.

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For its part, the Night service, at the control on Avenida de Dénia, has denounced seven people for breaking curfew and they have instructed three people with complaints of driving under the influence of alcohol and testing positive for breathalyzer.

Finally, along with these interventions, the arrest of three people for an alleged crime of violencia de géneror, another arrest for falsification of a commercial document and a third for alleged sexual abuse.

The Councilor for Security, José Ramón González, has again made an appeal because “it is not the time to have parties and we must continue to be responsible and become aware of the situation by complying with security measures.”

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“The coronavirus it continues to kill many people every day. Let’s not do recklessness like bottles and, although there is an improvement in the contagion data, we cannot relax with social gatherings or breach any rule, “he said.

Finally, he urged young people “not to challenge the coronavirus»And« fight together from the individual commitment of each one so that no more people die of Covid-19, respecting the rules as much as possible and without making large bottles in the city, avoiding groups that are not allowed ”.

The mayor has crossed out the behavior of the hundreds of young people who met yesterday in La Ereta as “irresponsible, disoriented and without conscience”, at the same time that he has expressed his discomfort since “these behaviors can generate new outbreaks of infections and lead us again to have to implement restrictions with a significant damage to our economy that has suffered so much this year, and what would be worse, to a fourth wave.

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