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Pilar Laguna, mother of a child with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and professor at the Rey Juan Carlos University, admits to ABC that one Sunday morning she got up and when she thought about the value that is given to women in our society, she felt real rejection. “My stomach turns over see how the image of women has been capitalized by feminism and politicized. The concept and value of women is much deeper and is far from all these political wars, “he says.

For this reason, that same morning it occurred to him to launch his little tribute to women through social networks. “It is something very simple,” he points out. It is simply a question of acknowledging from the affection to those women who have marked us in our lives for his help, his tenacity, his joy, his courage … ».

How could it be otherwise, his first tribute was directed to his mother, “a woman who has fought a lot, very dedicated to her children, with great kindness, spark and energy. I also dedicate it to all the mothers of children with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, whom I know very well in their daily struggle to help their children in this terrible disease, and, in general, to all women who take care of dependent and elderly people and who do not have time for themselves, enough to think about going to demonstrations.

She explains that with her initiative she tries to thank “and recognize the value of women who contribute so much, and almost always anonymously, to society. To those who make life easier for us. It’s a little push and breath because all, despite their strength, also suffer moments of weakness and this small recognition is an incentive to their daily work.

“The problem is that it is much more comfortable to leave them in their room connected to their mobile phones so that parents can rest”

According to Pilar Laguna, the new generations of young people lack adequate references in the face of the constant signs of cription that both political leaders and social representatives transmit through the media and social networks. «It is clear that we are not progressing properly in the concept or the image of women. They do not speak of co-responsibility, nor is the model of those of us who educate from home in this sense being reviewed. The family is a fundamental network in this matter, as in many others, of course. It is the first that must be educated and, for this, it is necessary to dedicate time to the children to talk, transmit the appropriate messages, know their points of view … The problem is that it is much more comfortable to leave them in their room connected to their mobile phones so that parents can rest. It’s a mistake. They do not realize that the investment in time with them has a return. In this way, she adds, it is easier to teach both girls and boys the value of being a woman and, above all, to respect them, as should be done with all the people around us, far from any type of stereotype. that tries to harm ».

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