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Millions of people consult your horoscope daily, whether in the newspaper, magazines or in the multitude of profiles on social networks that are responsible for giving the future to their readers. Why do they read it? Many have the belief that their zodiac sign, together with a series of events and alignments, has the solution to their problems, in addition to anticipating, in some way, the nearest future.

We understand the horoscope like a guessing technique which consists of trying predict the future based on the interpretation of the planets of the solar system in combination with the signs of the zodiac depending on the day and month of birth. Are Capricorn? Maybe Libra? There are a total of twelve signs of the Zodiac in the Western world: Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius, and all of them have their own characteristics that mark the personality of each one, or so most readers of this type of astral chart believe.

But,why do they read the horoscope? The most common thing is to think that they blindly believe in what is said there, although many times it has more to do with a kind of hope and search for evidence … «People who turn to it tend to be people who seek to generate coherence, certainty and feeling of control about the reason for the moment they are living or about what awaits them “, says Beatriz Gil Torres, psychologist at the psychological center My pocket.

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And, as always, there are people for everything: people who believe it, others who do not … «There are those who believe in this practice, they feel that it helps them to manage current or future situations and that, being in tune with the energy that determine the horoscopeThey believe that it is time to do one thing or another, “says the psychologist.

For example, if a zodiac sign warns that it is not the time to embark on a new project, many of these people faithful to their horoscope postpone that event. However, as Beatriz Gil González explains, there is also a percentage of society that resorts, in a timely manner, to use this type of information as a method that helps them to understand more immediately the situation in which they find themselves: a breakup, a certain emotional situation, illnesses, job successes, etc.

«Although sometimes the divinatory techniques are adjusted to the reality of the person who reads it, there is no scientific evidence that supports this practice, since it relies on procedures that have not been empirically validated, “says the psychologist.

“People who turn to the horoscope tend to be people who seek to generate coherence.”
Belén Gil González , Psychologist

Our brain is programmed to generate consonance between what we feel, what we think and what we do. For different reasons, many times we do not find that coherence in certain vital moments and we need an external tool to help us perceive that feeling of immediate control over what is happening. Beatriz Gil González explains that unlike psychological therapy, which helps human beings to manage, validate and train in emotional resources, this type of alternative pseudo therapies “offers the person much more concise affirmations and answers” and, on occasions, more adjusted to what They “need” to listen.

“My professional opinion as a psychologist is that the changes towards improvement are lasting when we help the person to enhance their resources or develop skills that allow them to tolerate discomfort and uncertainty and to generate that emotional coherence for themselves”, concludes the expert.

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