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Many thought that the coronavirus was going to increase the birth rate in Spain, after years of declines. The truth is that the pandemic has dropped more than 14% during the first two months of 2021 compared to the previous year. The economic crisis, the price of housing and high unemployment rates prevent adequate family planning.

In spite of everything, as of this 2021, progress has been made in an equality plan for the maternity leave. Now, parents can take 16 weeks. What’s more, the State provides aid to families decide to have a child, as there is also the possibility of deductions in the statement of income.

As for the period of leave, at the moment it is established in 16 weeks, of which six must be fulfilled uninterruptedly, simultaneously and full-time. The mother may anticipate the delivery four weeks in advance of the expected date of birth.

In addition, in the event that there is disability it can be extended one more week for each parent. On the other hand, if the baby is premature and has some difficulty and has to be hospitalized for a period of more than seven days, the period may be extended to 13 days.

What aid does the State give for the children?

The State collects some aid in the event that families have children. These are:

Child birth and care benefit: this is a subsidy that is recognized for self-employed and employed workers that lasts for the 16 weeks that the paternity leave lasts. These can be extended another two weeks for each child, from the second, when it is a multiple birth. In addition, if there is a disability, it will be extended for two weeks (one for each parent). This subsidy is 100% of the regulatory base.

Financial benefit for multiple birth or adoption: it is a non-contributory aid of a single Social Security payment. The amount varies depending on the children born or adopted. This is calculated by multiplying by four, eight or 12 the minimum wage for the current year. If the child has a disability greater than 33%, it will double. In this way, if you have two children, the SMI will be multiplied by four; by three children it will be multiplied by eight …

Single payment for birth or adoption for large families, single parents and in cases of mothers with disabilities of more than 65%: It is a grant that the National Institute of Social Security gives in a single payment of 1,000 euros. This benefit is not recognized for foster care. This aid is exempt from personal income tax and can be requested by those who have residence in Spain.

Minimum Living Income: this aid integrates the old benefit that Social Security gave for a minor dependent child. It is an income that is made monthly and not semi-annually, as the old help was before. In Royal Decree-Law 20/2020, of May 29, it says that “the beneficiaries who maintain the requirements that gave rise to the recognition of the transitional benefit, will become beneficiaries of the minimum vital income.” In this way, Social Security will progressively substitute one benefit for another. If it has not been received, it is recommended to request the IMV. This aid will be maintained as long as the requirements for it are met.

Deduction in the income statement: This aid for large families can be received in two ways. Either through a social bond or with a deduction in the income statement. In this way, a general large family can receive up to 1,200 euros per year, while a special one can reach up to 2,400. In order to receive the benefit, it is necessary to have a large family title.

Aid for working mothers who are employed or self-employed: it is the deduction that a mother can make in the IRFP of up to 1,200 euros until the child reaches 3 years of age, or request the annual social bonus at the rate of 100 euros per month. This benefit, which can be requested by mothers who are registered with the Social Security or Mutual Fund. This aid is not applicable to the Basque Country.

Aid to working mothers for child under three years of age in daycare: this is a tax deduction of a maximum of 1,000 euros that is applicable to registration and enrollment, attendance at general and extended hours and food.

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