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From the other side of the Atlantic, specifically from one of the international capitals of the theater, Buenos Aires, a Marquis de Sade arrives in Madrid with whom the spectator will live. In the era of social distances, the Argentine director and actor Nicolas Perez Costa he confronts the public face to face with this intellectual and puts his feelings in front of him, which are not contagious, but do penetrate the deepest part of the soul.

As Pérez Costa explains to ABC, “the work is a sensory experience; The Marquis de Sade is in a space that could be his home … He welcomes you, talks about wine, he is a pleasant, seductive man. Something strange happens and nothing returns to what it was. The Argentine director defines it as «the poetics of suspense in its maximum exponential, deciphering the soul of one of the greatest thinkers, literati and writers who have dared to challenge the limits of those who believed the fallacy of freedom.

And in these times when there is so much talk of freedom … What is false about it? “We choose things that others told us were convenient, we go to places where others went. Pirandello says in one of his works that ‘we live in a world ruled by the dead’, we repeat and repeat believing that we choose. The real work towards being free is to notice it and rethinking beyond the mandates that function as a network of concepts that contains us and intertwines us, ”explains Pérez Costa.

“My misfortune is not a consequence of my way of thinking, but of that of others”, the Marquis de Sade sentenced more than three centuries ago, and he does it again as the public enters the room of The Threshold of Spring, located in the central Calle Primavera number 11 in Madrid.

The play, directed between Pérez Costa and Matías Puricelli,its titled ‘Sade, an uncomfortable evening‘which once again alludes to the public. «The spectators face situations that are not what they seem, it is uncomfortable not to be certain of the future of the action when one is involved in space, it is uncomfortable to be with the Marquis while he writes his erotic literature, while he talks about freedom , while playing with the power that his glowing head gives him. In short, the uncomfortable, above all, is submitting to the provocation and self-confidence of someone who cares nothing of what you think about him», Explains Pérez Costa, who also goes on stage with Juan Ignacio Gé.

Pérez Costa confesses that this work represents him, “it has been the result of many searches, months of improvising rehearsals, trying to understand me in the limits of the Marquis, which are very few ».

Eva Quirós She is the general coordinator of the play and highlights that she works “with a team passionate about theater, which makes it very easy to work with them. Being an independent production, the really difficult thing is to make everything look like a great production on a limited budget. Ingenuity and passion is what moves this team and I personally have given back the illusion».

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