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The City Council of
, always characterized by its great environmental and sustainability commitment, wishes to undertake a series of actions in municipal facilities and outdoor public lighting aimed at improving them, generating economic and energy savings within its municipality and reducing GHG emissions (Greenhouse Gases) and its carbon footprint. For this, it is immersed in a general study of the situation of the different infrastructures and their capacity for improvement, as well as an audit for the renovation of outdoor public lighting.

The scope of the work associated with this service will include the following actions that will always be validated and coordinated by the Noblejas City Council technicians. In the first place, an efficiency and savings report will be made on municipal facilities and energy audit of outdoor public lighting, through the general analysis of municipal facilities to determine their level of energy efficiency and their ability to improve and save, with the In order to carry out an action plan that includes the technical and economic actions that are recommended to be implemented for their optimization and improvement.

Likewise, it will carry out and validate a complete energy audit of the public lighting of the Noblejas City Council, for the evaluation and analysis of the technical project, and of the measures proposed for its economic viability, in coordination with the municipal technicians.

To carry out the study and prepare the report on energy saving and efficiency measures (MAEs), which will last approximately two months, andhe city council has relied on the services of E4e Soluciones engineering. The Energy Services Company (ESE) has extensive experience in the energy sector at the national level, in its more than 10 years of history it has carried out thousands of audits and consultancies in public administrations, companies and communities of owners.

Along with this, it has developed and implemented measures in the field of energy efficiency and photovoltaic generation for self-consumption in search of energy and economic savings for its customers, in addition to reducing the carbon footprint.

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