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The pandemic is not only out of control in India but threatens to spread across South Asia. In the last 24 hours, the Indian authorities have confirmed 4,000 deaths and 412,000 new cases of coronavirus. The situation in Nepal and Pakistan has also been on the rise for several days.

Although Nepal has tightened borders and imposed closures in its worst affected regions, including the capital, some fear it will not be enough to contain the virus as it spreads through the capital. Daily infections do not drop below 7,000 and 55 deaths were registered on Tuesday, a record number in the country since the pandemic began.

“The situation is getting worse by the day and may spiral out of control in the future,” Dr. Samir Adhikari, spokesman for Nepal’s Ministry of Health and Population, said on Monday. Health authorities International and national flights were suspended on Monday due to an increase in coronavirus cases, a decision that does not affect humanitarian flights. The measure is expected to last until mid-May.

In Pakistan the situation is also worrying with 4,000 daily cases of coronavirus for the first time in a month. On Tuesday, health authorities reported about 3,400 cases of coronavirus, the first time this number has fallen below 4,000 in the past month, according to data collected by the National Command and Operations Center (NCOC). The deceased totaled 161 in a single day.

What’s more 5,326 people are in critical condition because of Covid-19. The province of Punjab, bordering India and 400 km from the city of New Delhi, continues to be the most affected to date, with 308,529 infections, followed by Sindh, with 286,521, and Jíber Pajtunjua, with 120,590. The capital, Islamabad, has reported 76,492 infections.

The situation has forced the country’s authorities to prohibit tourism and interurban and interprovincial transport between May 8 and 16, coinciding with the end of the month of Ramadan.

The increase in infections in Bangladesh it has also brought with it more restrictions in the country. From Monday to May 16, interdistrict public transportation has been limited. So far, the Bangladeshi health authorities They have found about 762,000 infections of Covid-19, including more than 11,500 fatalities from the disease.

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