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These are some lines that I never wish I had to sign on ABC. My name is Carlos Manso Chicote and I have been an editor of this newspaper since 2015. I have had the British variant of Covid-19, for which I have been hospitalized for several weeks with part of my family (my mother Ángeles, my aunts Encarnación and Ana María together with her husband Juan) and I am writing this letter to pay a well-deserved tribute to the assistants, cleaners, nurses, nurses and doctors of the Beata María Ana Hospital in Madrid (Hospital Sisters of the Sacred Heart).

Asunción, Patricia, Mari Mar, Paloma, doctor Rett Egued…. (I’m sorry I don’t remember all your names!): You have been our strongest line of defense against Covid, against the most difficult days of the González Chicote family. And you have achieved it, we are already home. But along the way, the virus took its macabre price: two exemplary lives, given to their children, nephews and grandchildren, those of my aunts Ana María and Encarnación, who died consecutively on April 20 and 21.

I coincided with Ana María on the day of my admission to the hospital, on April 12, and we were able to share a modest breakfast after a long night in the ER, whose staff behaved exquisitely and, even under those circumstances, had words of encouragement to my. That was our ‘goodbye’: her kind smile and hope. From Encarnación, a regular ABC reader, I am sure that she left in peace with God, and that she will always have a special place in our hearts.

The Covid has broken families, truncated vital projects and put our societies before the uncomfortable mirror of vulnerability. It has also demonstrated the imperative need for a strong health and care system. Don’t forget Asunción, Patricia, Mari Mar, Paloma… They continue to fight the virus day by day with what they have: science, their humanity and professionalism.

The pandemic has also brought out the solidarity and dedication of so many people: families like mine, turned into a pineapple in the face of adversity, neighbors who bring you the purchase, friends or co-workers who call you, send a WhatsApp … They remember you. I have also felt this in my ‘tribe’, that of ABC. Thank you, thank you and thank you for your words of encouragement, darling and, above all, for being there! I’ll be back soon!

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