Chad assures that the FACT rebels “are in disarray” and says that “there will never be a dialogue with the terrorists”


The Defense Minister of Chad, Daoud Yaya Brahim, has assured that the Army has managed to repel the offensive launched in April by the rebel coalition Front for Alternation and Concord in Chad (FACT) and has stressed that “there will never be a dialogue with the terrorists”.

“The enemy is in disarray,” said Yaya Brahim, in his first public statements after his appointment as minister within the framework of the transitional government appointed by the Transitional Military Council (CMT), which emerged after the death of President Idriss in April. Déby in combat with the rebels.

Thus, he stressed that the Army “has struck a blow at the enemy who came from abroad to destabilize the institutions of the Republic”, before praising the figure of Déby, who died at the front, according to the Chadian news portal Alwihda.

The minister has stated that the situation “is under total control” in the province of Kanem, one of the epicenters of the fighting after the incursion of the FACT on April 11, in full day of voting in the presidential elections, from its bases in Libya. .

“I assure citizens that the State is in the process of guaranteeing security and peace,” he said, before noting that “the terrorists do not know Chad” and adding that the majority of FACT members are citizens from Libya, Europe or Saudi Arabia, as reported by Radio France Internationale.

On the other hand, he has declined to comment on the information on social networks about the alleged arrest of the FACT leader. “Some of its leaders have died in combat, others are being wanted. That will be part of a report prepared by the Gendarmerie. Now I cannot confirm anything,” he said.

Yaya Brahim has also rejected the accusations against the Army about mistreatment against the rebels detained in the framework of the clashes and has spoken of “defamation”, as reported by the Tchad Infos portal. “I guarantee that the Chadian Army has training on Human Rights,” he added.

The minister’s words came after Moussa Mouli, FACT’s political adviser, highlighted on Thursday in statements given to the Russian news agency Sputnik that the coalition “is ready to resume the offensive” against the capital, N’Djamena, when ” deemed appropriate “.

“We have no difficulty or suspicion in this regard. It is only a matter of time,” he argued, before noting that the FACT does not recognize the authority of the CMT – a military junta created after Déby’s death and led by his son, Mahamat Idriss Déby–, with whom he “has no contact.” “We have not recognized it or asked them to sit down to negotiate with us,” he said.

The CMT has claimed to have repelled the FACT’s attempts to advance from the border areas with Libya and Niger and has claimed that it has killed “hundreds” of rebels. The FACT has highlighted that it has also inflicted heavy casualties among government ranks, the most notable of which is the death of Déby.

The death of Déby – who was in power since 1990, after leading a coup that overthrew the dictator Hissène Habré – in the midst of the FACT offensive is a serious blow to the stability of the country and the region, due to the importance of the country in the fight against international terrorism in the Sahel and the Lake Chad basin.

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