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The controversy that caused the first fight between the two Spains

Before absolutists and liberals began to throw their models of the country at the head, that division of the two Spains that today, two hundred years later, continue to cling with a certain tremendousism to their doctrinal pride, there was a controversy that lit the fuse. It was the first time that the country experienced “an open confrontation between two opposing factions: defenders of the ‘status quo’ against supporters of the reforms,” ​​according to Francisco Uzcanga Meinecke, author of ‘
What is due to Spain?
‘(KO Books, 2021), where he summarizes what happened.

“The Roaring Twenties”: The Creative Euphoria that Followed the 1918 Pandemic

The crazy (also called happy and golden) twenties evoke a fascinating, unbridled, exciting time, characterized by the joy of living, an explosion of creativity, liberation and sexual drive, the emancipation of women, new forms of leisure, chain production … It was a response to the trauma of the World War I, the postwar economic crisis and the 1918 pandemic (called the spanish flu). Although the project of Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao it was conceived a long time ago, today it acquires great relevance. A century later, the 1920s start again with a pandemic and a serious economic crisis. Who knows if there will be other crazy, happy, golden twenties in the 21st. Although, given how that prodigious decade ended (the Wall Street crash, the financial crash, the great depression), it is better if history does not repeat itself.

‘Oscar of honor’ in protection of heritage to the Real Maestranza de Caballería de Ronda

Since that year of 1573 in which the Ronda Cavalry Royal Maestranza and since that commission by Felipe II to raise “good horses for the guard and defense of the Kingdom” centuries have rained. Today this private non-profit entity, whose Senior Brother Lieutenant is Rafael Atienza Medina, Marquis of Salvatierra, manages a valuable historical legacy that includes the Ronda Bullring and the Riding School, as well as a rich documentary collection. In the last 20 years it has shown so much zeal in the renovation, restoration and dissemination of its unique heritage that the association our Spain has wanted to recognize its work distinguishing this noble Malaga corporation with an extraordinary prize of new creation.

Broadway will raise the curtain on September 14

September 14 is the scheduled date for the reopening of the theaters in Broadway, one of the hallmarks of New York City, after more than a year closed. Your governor, Andrew Cuomo, has announced it through his account
. Tickets will go on sale on Thursday (although some shows have already started selling them quietly)

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