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The end of the state of alarm throughout Spain on Sunday May 9 has not meant the elimination of restrictions in basic health areas of the Community of Madrid. The Ministry of Health will maintain the system of limitations in specific areas with a high incidence of infections to control the coronavirus pandemic.

The Ministry of Health has added a new basic health zone to the list of restricted areas. The neighbors of Central Leganés, in Leganés, will have limitations between May 10 and May 24.

Until May 17, restrictions continue in the basic health areas of Catholic kings (Saint Sebastian of the kings), The Cities (Getafe), Las Rozas (Las Rozas), and, in the capital Madrid, the areas of Vicente Muzas Y Daroca (Ciudad Lineal district).

In addition, the restrictions are also extended until May 17 in the basic areas of Gandhi (Linear City), General Fanjul (Latina), Castellón (Salamanca), Barajas (Barajas), Chopera (Arganzuela), in Madrid capital; and in the basic health areas of Majadahonda (Majadahonda), The princess Y The daisies (Getafe).

On May 9, the restrictions in the municipalities of Manzanares el Real and San Agustín de Guadaliz, and in the basic health areas of Mayor Bartolomé González (Mostoles), Silvano (Hortaleza district) and Villa de Vallecas (Villa de Vallecas) conclude. .

Basic zone restrictions

The Government of the Community of Madrid will go to the judicial bodies to endorse the measures maintaining the restrictions of the basic health areas after the end of the state of alarm. These limitations must have the approval of the Superior Court of Justice of Madrid or, ultimately, of the Supreme Court.

The main criteria of the regional government for the selection of basic health areas are: 14-day cumulative incidence of more than 500 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, cumulative incidence with a stable or increasing trend, and community transmission.

In these areas entry or exit is restricted except for work, medical reasons, access to educational centers; assistance to the elderly, minors or dependents; access to banking or insurance, legal or administrative entities. The playgrounds will remain closed in these areas, and the capacity of the places of worship is reduced to a third. The rest of the capacity and hours of activity are maintained as in the rest of the region.

End of alarm state

After the end of the state of alarm throughout Spain, the Community of Madrid will establish a series of measures for the entire region from 00:00 on May 9. The curfew wanes as the state of alarm does. The masks are still mandatory as before. The prohibition of meeting at home, given the legal limitations, now becomes a recommendation. Groups of people are recommended, both in houses and on public roads, not more than six people except cohabitants. And in homes, it is recommended that only cohabitants meet, reports Sara Medialdea.

The hours of the hotel business extend until 0.00 hours, and the limitations of six diners on terraces and four indoors are maintained. The gauges do not change with respect to the current one.

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