The Prosecutor’s Office asks for seven years in prison for ‘Little Nicolás’




The judgment against Francisco Nicolás Gómez Iglesias, better known as ‘Little Nicholas’, begins next Tuesday with a request by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of seven years in jail for the crimes usurpation of public functions, falsification in official documents and passive bribery. In addition, the Public Ministry demands the imposition of a fine of 81,000 euros and two policemen for whom five and a half years in prison are requested will also sit on the bench.

Gómez Iglesias is accused of organizing in August 2014, when I was only 20 years old, a lunch with a businessman in the Galician town of Ribadeo which was attended by posing, as a public official, as a link between the Vice Presidency of the Government and the Royal House. To do this, he had to falsify several official documents and had the support of the two agents who accompanied him in the trial. He guaranteed the businessman that “a very important person from the Royal House would attend the lunch.”

Little Nicholas got in touch with JGH, an agent of the National Police who belonged to the Group of Bodyguards and Protection, to whom he promised a financial reward in exchange for providing him with the necessary police means to impersonate a public position and appear official at lunch.

After this, according to the press release issued by the Prosecutor’s Office, he asked the Municipal Police of Ribadeo to accompany them in the procession, he telephoned the President of the Nautical Club to inform him of the visit of a high personality from Casa Real, hired the rental of four vehicles with their respective drivers, he reserved three tables in the restaurant and even made a personal computer accreditations from the Ministry of the Interior for the vehicles.

The first agent was joined on the trip CPLD, member of the Municipal Police of Torrijos (Toledo). Both posed as police officers who were escorting an authority and placed official accreditations from the Ministry of the Interior in two vehicles. The farce continued at lunch with the businessman, who was joined by the mayor of Ribadeo and before whom Little Nicolás always presented himself as a link between the Government and the Royal Family.

Various postponements

The trial begins after up to three postponements. In May 2019, it was delayed because the lawyer for the main defendant reported pressure and coercion towards her and her family. Later, the Covid-19 pandemic forced a new delay until January 2021, when it could not be celebrated either due to the contact of one of the lawyers with an infected person. If this time there are no surprises, the hearing will be held between Tuesday 11 and Thursday 13.

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