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Are there many hotels in the historic center of Toledo? We have the new offer of the posada de la Sillería hotel, the luxury hotel in the Canónigos neighborhood (in front of the cathedral) and the expansion of the Hostal del Cardenal. To this must be added the use of some convents as hostels. And now the big news is the creation of a macrohotel in the area of ​​Calle de la Plata that would occupy 2,100 square meters, even with parking (therefore excavation will have to be done) and with a swimming pool (in the area above, therefore the height will have to be taken into account).

One can think about the advantages of this model: tourism promotion, work incentive, it is a legalized model compared to that of illegal apartments and uses properties that have been in disuse or abandoned for a long time. I do not know if the hotel demand is really so great as to make this hotel offer: this is a pure market study matter.

But you have to think about the drawbacks. First, the effect it can have on those who live around it and also, we must not forget it, compared to other hotel businesses that are beyond the walls. Second, it is about building (and excavating) in an important archaeological zone with abundant remains from the Roman era (with the caves of Hercules next to it). Third, betting on this proposal means dedicating a very large area to tourism, when it has been said many times that putting all your eggs in the tourism basket is something very dangerous, as we have seen with the pandemic, because it means centralizing economic activity in one thing. Fourth, not only that: the town continues to lose population, it bleeds, we want it to be a living area, and for that housing should be promoted so that there would be neighbors. This is a serious inconvenience because it means facing the business against the survival of the town as a neighborhood with neighbors whose habitability is stable. The opposite is to lay the foundations for the helmet to become a museum, in a papier-mâché area, in something similar to the Fool’s Hill mount (that is: Puy du Fou).

Perhaps the most Solomonic thing would have been to combine both things: the hotel offer with another that encourages people from Toledo to live in the historic center. But we must say the famous verse by Quevedo that Paco Ibáñez sang: Mr money is a powerful gentleman. I think that sometimes the important thing is not the economy, but other things that, although they do not produce profits, make us live better, they provide us with more happiness, they take into account other factors. And among them is to maintain a old town that is a real neighborhood. It is in our hands whether it is a neighborhood of black leg, of flesh and blood, or a theme park that privileges the business for visitors only.

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