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Madrid Fusion 2021 You already know the winners of the ‘Revelation Cook’ award, which has fallen into the hands of Javier Sanz and Juan Sahuquillo, responsible for two restaurants in Casas Ibáñez (Albacete). Eight candidatesMost of them, disciples of great chefs, in their thirties were opting for an award that represents the definitive impulse to be recognized in haute cuisine.

In other editions, names as well known today as Dabiz Muñoz, Ricard camarena O Rodrigo de la Calle they managed to win the award. The last to do so was the Sevillian Camila Ferrero, who was awarded the previous year. Sanz and Sahuquillo will be the ones to succeed her in the list of winners, after being ahead of Luis Callealta, who received the second prize, and Julen Baz, third.

Javier Sanz and Juan Sahuquillo They are friends from school and cooks at Ibáñez Houses (Albacete) a place in La Mancha where they run two restaurants: a food house and another annex space with serious gastronomic aspirations. To their technical knowledge they add a dose of self-confidence and creative talent, an attitude that extends to their efforts to recover traditional dishes from La Mancha. They are supplied with exceptional products, and have burst like a storm in the haute cuisine fields.

Luis Callealta, second prize, inaugurated Ciclo in the center of Cádiz in December 2020, after some years together with Martin Berasategui and almost ten with Angel Leon. With the help of his wife Rocío Maña and a great team, he succeeds with a light kitchen, open to the sea, colorful and close, in which his sensitivity, creativity, technique and respect for the environment come to light. Make tasty recipes with discarded vegetables. Haute cuisine in a casual version.

The third prize, Julen Baz, is a rural cook, disciple of Eneko Atxa, runs an 18th century farmhouse on vineyard slopes in Lamindao (Vizcaya), between the natural parks of Urkiola and Gorbea (Vizcaya). His kitchen, heartfelt, full of registers and closely related to the surrounding pantry, is expressed in a contemporary key. Behind each plate there are tales and stories that unearth old traditions of the Basque farmhouses. A way of interpreting the environment with the sensitivity and balance that characterizes it.

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