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The Plenary of the Regulatory Council of the Denomination of Origin (DO) Rueda ratified the classification of the 2020 vintage as “excellent”, after studying the report of the Technical Services of the CRDO Rueda and the results of the Tasting Committee, which has been analyzing the wines from the new vintage since last October. In this way, the 2020 vintage becomes the third in the history of the Rueda Denomination of Origin to obtain this qualification that endorses its high quality. Its predecessors were the 2011 and 2017 campaigns.

According to the reports of the Technical Services of the DO Rueda Regulatory Council, the 2020 harvest benefited from weather conditions that at first could seem adverse. It was the rainiest season in recent years, which caused some attacks of powdery mildew. But far from being a problem, these circumstances have given rise to wines with character and complexity superior to previous seasons.

The 2020 campaign began in November with mild temperatures, but ended with frosts that lasted through December and January. February and March were milder, marking higher temperatures than usual; although there were several frosts at the beginning of April without consequences for the crop. The harvest took place from August 22 to October 16, and mostly by machine, as is customary for years in the DO Rueda, to collect each plot at the right time.

Early ripening

Specifically, the Verdejos de Rueda from this vintage are very persistent and register graduations of between 13 and 13.5 degrees, which allows them to have a very good structure, with long sensations and memories of green fruits that persist and fill the mouth with freshness, has valued the full. They are wines that have matured earlier and better than those of the 2019 vintage, they have more complexity, but maintain the aromatic intensities characteristics of Verdejo, ranging from ripe fruits to vegetables such as fennel.

In the case of Sauvignon Blanc, the great aromatic intensity that we will find in the wines of the 2020 vintage stands out especially.

On the other hand, this year new varieties such as Chardonnay and Viognier were included in the production of white wines, which in some cases slightly modified the organoleptic profiles of the wines. In this way, the DO Rueda expands its range of elaborations to continue surprising national and international consumers.

The president of DO Rueda, Carmen San Martín, underlined her satisfaction with the rating, thanks to a product of “extremely high” quality. He pointed out that it is an excellent vintage, with very complex wines, in which the varietal character of Verdejo is very present. «We hope that the consumers will support one more year the work that the wineries and vine growers of the DO are doing. Wheel to bring them elaborations that provide added value, “he said.

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