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The coronavirus has skyrocketed in the Valencian Community and this Friday has notified the highest number of infections since February. Thus, the rebound in the pandemic that autonomy has experienced in recent weeks continues.

Specifically, this Friday the Ministry of Health has registered 821 new cases of Covid-19, although the update is from the last two days, because this Thursday the figures were not reported because it is a holiday in the autonomy.

However, the Valencian Community did not notify such a high number of infected since the end of February, specifically on the 23rd, when 829 positives were registered. coronavirus.

Of the 821 new positives in the last two days, about 45 percent of the cases have occurred between 15 to 29 year olds. In this sense, 15 percent of those infected are young people between 15 and 19 years old; while 28.6 percent are between 20 and 29 years old.

To the increase in cases that autonomy had been experiencing, now the macro outbreak of coronavirus registered among students from different autonomous communities after an end-of-year trip to Mallorca. So far, in the Valencian Community they have been notified 67 infectedAlthough it is a provisional figure as tests continue to be carried out.

Besides, also the number of shoots has grown with more than ten associated cases. Since the last update, three have been registered, all of them of social origin. These are three outbreaks in the city of Valencia, with 29 people (20-44 years), 20 people (17 and 18 years) and 21 people (23 and 24 years).

Faced with this situation, the Minister of Health, Ana Barcelo, has called for prudence and “to maintain the enormous effort and sacrifice that we have made to comply with health restrictions and contribute to containing the pandemic.”

“The virus is still among us and if we relax the measures -social distance, hand hygiene, ventilation, use of a mask-, there are consequences for the health of all citizens, ”the councilor warned.

On the other hand, since the last update -last Wednesday- there have been no deaths from coronavirus. Thus, the total number of deaths since the beginning of the pandemic remains at 7,450 people.

Regarding the situation in Valencian hospitals, the number of hospitalized has grown again On Wednesday it was below a hundred. There are currently 115 people with Covid-19 admitted, of which seventeen are in the Intensive Care Unit.

On the other hand, since the last update they have registered 367 discharges to patients with the virus. According to the registered data, there are currently 2,763 active cases, which represents 0.67 percent of the total number of positives.

According to the vaccination, a total of 2,447,861 people already have a dose of the coronavirus vaccine in the Valencian Community. For its part, there are 1,605,735 people with the complete immunization schedule.

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