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Villaseca de la Sagra



That Mayalde is attacked by a bull is not news, but it is justice, due to the class of her animals and the livestock family. As always he did not fail with three chosen erales in presence and play. Carmen Arroyo sent three good erales before one of which Nacho Torrejón endorsed what he has pointed out in all his walkways, which counts for triumphs.

The first was a waiter. He charged, placing his face and Holly made to curdle him with the cape. Good but not silly, and he proved it in the kill by throwing Nino Julien on his back. An eral with importance of Mayalde to which Víctor Acebo passed with pleasure by both pythons. “Jara” was remarkable and Holly was fine with him. He moved through both pythons as if he were going to ask the bullfighter’s mouth. How could he have dreamed of those attacks the night before at the hotel. Many and very noisy his supporters, that in a young man who starts, more remain than they contribute. The sword did not give a worthy end to a great (yet another) calf from Mayalde.

Julien wanted to welcome us together and had to fight to retain Carmen Arroyo’s. At that moment, he wanted to fight for the importance of veronicas (due to the size of the contenders) and finished off with a knee-high stocking. He flagged with ease offering a cheerful third, like a true bullfighter-banderillero. With the Nimeño colors he adorned his opponent to start with a change from the back in the middle. Solvent and with a sunken chin, the Frenchman showed elegance who has great facility to connect with the laying. Piled up final that did not serve to finish the task and the sword did not help.

The third headline was damaged in the greeting and a nice red came out. “Embedded” scrolled more kindly what class. Javier Camps was correct, technical, but cold and did not connect with the respectable. Ovation

Very slowly Barroso finished off the average with which he greeted the 4th. It began by bending low and soon the extraordinary right python sang. The animal was going long and needed to see a crutch and carry it away. “Swindler” only had a malicious name. Frank bravery wanting to catch it from below, as seen in the right hand that became a double circular. He did not deceive anyone and attacked wherever he was sued, even if it was by way of the populism of reversed passes and inverted circulars.. Soon he went for the sword and prodded a medium task to a large bull, which left with a full tank. A broken toy.

Without being a paragon of virtues, the 5th served Nacho Torrejón to establish himself again. He was applauded on the way out and Carmen Arroyo’s beautiful animal turned out to be exquisite nobility. Torrejón was left over by both pythons. Right at medium height and left with long stroke. The hand changes were made as if he were fighting in the living room and that naturalness, together with a great sword blow, a small rear point was placed in his hands a double trophy that must be a ticket for the celebration

Largaiada of Ismael Martín to receive the 6th and faculties in banderillas in a third that was showy. He responded to the citations and touches of Martín in a task that began on his knees and that stood up before another voluminous eral of Mayalde and the stature of the Salamanca bullfighter. He did not tire of ramming and Martín ran his hand to the natural with showiness and pleasure. He stretched out wanting to please and the calf soured when he hooked the fabrics. He killed like a cannon and only the thrust deserved a prize. Incomprehensibly he did not walk a trophy and but in the return to the ring he was deserving of being in the next bullfight. Incomprehensibly, only the music sounded to him, to silence the protests against a box with too much desire for prominence.


Villaseca de la Sagra. III Silver Potter. Steers from Conde de Mayalde (1st, 4th and 6th) extraordinarily presented and with great game, all being applauded in the drag, and Carmen Arroyo (2nd, 3rd and 5th) with a good blade and varied game.

Victor Acebo (white and gold) silence.

Nino Julien (red and gold) ovation with greetings.

Javier Camps (bottle green and gold) ovation with greetings.

Victor Barroso (red and gold) ovation with greetings.

Nacho Torrejon (garnet and gold) 2 ears.

Ismael Martin (navy blue and gold) back to the ring.

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