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If you are mom or dad you will know that many times the moment of rest of the children it can get complicated. Either because they have some kind of discomfort such as colic, gas or they are with the teeth coming out, or simply because they cannot relax, there are nights when nothing seems to calm them so that get a good night’s sleep. With so many possible causes of insomnia, the last thing we want is for the temperature in her crib don’t be nice and they start to sweat and find themselves upset in their own bed. Therefore, especially with the arrival of summer, it is very important to get some good sheets for crib 60×120, the standard size, of the best quality and manufactured with breathable, soft and respectful materials with your delicate skin.

If you are not sure which are the best brands of baby crib sheets of 60×120 centimeters in size or which materials and fabrics are the most appropriate, take a look at our list with the best models so as not to waste money on a less thoughtful purchase .

100% cotton sheet set

When it comes to rest time, safety should also be a priority for moms and dads. Therefore, if you are thinking of buying a set of sheets 60×120 specially designed for the summer, we recommend that you take a look at these from the firm Pirulos. The reason is that they are manufactured 100% cotton, a material that is very pleasant to the touch so that babies sleep in their crib like cuddled by a cloud. This set, consisting of a fitted sheet, a top sheet and a pillowcase, is certified with the Oeko-Tek 100 q sealwhich guarantees that no harmful substances are found among its materials, a very important aspect in the case of children. Regarding the design, in light gray color, It is perfect for any crib since due to its simplicity it adapts to many types of decoration.

Set 3 pieces thin sheets

Secondly and as an alternative similar to the previous one, we have this set of 60×120 crib baby sheets, made of 100% fine cotton and made in Portugal. This main feature makes this set of sheet, bottom and pillow cover become the best ally for the spring and summer months, with high temperatures. The bottom in particular adapts to all types of cribs thanks to the elastic band from the sides. They are very light sheets with a reduced weight of 180 grams and their extremely soft touch it will relax the baby until he is peacefully asleep. If you choose this model of crib sheets you will receive it wrapped in a perfect gift box.

Adjustable fitted sheets 60×120

If in your case you are not looking for a complete set of baby crib sheets but you need specifically 60×120 fitted sheets To renew old pieces, your best option is to opt for the Laleni fitted sheets. In this case we bring you this soft and cozy set of 3 made in 100% high quality premium cotton. Like the previous ones, they incorporate an elastic band that facilitates adaptation to any crib or baby stroller, adhering without problem to the mattress in question. The 120 grams / m2 finish manages to meet the highest industry standards. Choose a shade among the 10 colors available and renew bedding for your baby with guarantees.

2 sheets + Lilly Belly mattress protector

But if design is important to you, you are looking for some much more childish, cheerful and colorful motifs and the previous alternatives are too boring for you, do not forget to take a look at these sheets from Lilly Belly. Their animal drawings and motifs referring to nature give it greater personality and will complete the whole of your baby’s room. But let’s get to the important thing and that is to talk about the qualities, because with this set you will receive two sheets plus a mattress protector, products made with 100% cotton Oeko Tex 100, getting the best value for money. The best for the comfort of the baby at an adjusted price for the dads.

Waterproof and breathable crib sheet

What if we told you that it is possible to purchase a single product that acts as a mattress cover and as a sheet bottom? These functionalities can be found in this Bisoo product, a waterproof and breathable 60×120 crib sheet which works at the same time as a mattress protector. They are made with 100% jersey of 160 grams for the best comfort and soft touch for the little ones in the house. It is hypoallergenic and allows machine washing at temperatures up to 60 degree to prevent the appearance of mites and bacteria.

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