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It is not surprising that, emboldened by Pedro Sánchez’s decision to pardon the convicted Catalan leaders, the pro-independence parties demanded this Tuesday that the Government “work” to prevent the Court of Auditors from seizing the assets of 42 former high-ranking officials of the Generalitat worth five and a half million euros. For them, sedition is not a crime, but the expression of harmless political ideas. And the embezzlement of public money with which to finance his blackmail of the State is only ‘peccata minuta’ well used. With the ruling of the Supreme Court deactivated by the Council of Ministers, now separatism requires not even having to assume the accounting responsibility that the Court of Accounts imputes to them. They demand an open bar and that the State humble itself while Sánchez speaks to us of concord and magnanimity, as if Spanish society were to blame for a coup attempt, and the coup plotters, charitable defenders of innocuous political ideas that have been retaliated. Nothing is further from the truth, no matter how much Sánchez tries to whitewash this entire process, neutralize the Court of Auditors, and delegitimize our institutions before Europe.

In principle, and pending the conclusion of the investigation, the Court has set at 5,422,879.48 euros the accounting responsibility that the State claims from the fugitive former president of the Generalitat Carles Puigdemont; the former president Artur Mas; the pardoned Oriol Junqueras and Raül Romeva; and another 37 former Catalan charges for the diversion of funds to pay expenses of the ‘procés’ abroad and its international propaganda apparatus. These decisions of the Court of Accounts are what José Luis Ábalos called “stones in the way” of the negotiation with ERC. But given the autonomy of the Court, it does not seem that it will be all the magnanimous that Sánchez wants, and he is resisting with democratic exemplary a stark campaign of harassment and discredit. For this reason, the Government plans to force a reform of the system of election of the account advisers to the measure of the PSOE, and even to tie the State Bar under the premise that if the State does not demand money from the embezzlers, no one will be entitled to do it. It is the prefabrication of a new twist on impunity. The same, by the way, that the PNV demanded yesterday for the Government to favor a deferred pardon for Carles Puigdemont, so that he can return to Spain triumphant from his false exile, and of course without facing pending cases despite being processed since more than three years ago.

Unfortunately, the meeting that Sánchez and Pere Aragonès held this Tuesday cannot be interpreted in any other context than that of the demand for legal impunity, moral compensation, and political surrender to the independence movement. And the serious thing is that Sánchez is willing to grant it, as if the State had some debt to settle with those who are dragging Spain into its greatest territorial crisis in a century. The Court of Accounts, like the Supreme Court or the CGPJ before it, is no stone in any way. They are essential organs of the State with a function to fulfill. The only stones in the way of all Spaniards, and of at least half of the Catalan constitutionalists, are the Generalitat and its perennial promise to carry out the coup, now with the permissiveness of Sánchez.

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