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After a year and a half of pandemic, we are more than ever looking forward to summer and, with it, those long days on the beach or in the mountains and unforgettable sunsets. For this reason, the motorhome is once again the best way to travel to enjoy that full sensation of freedom without giving up security. Since
, a motorhome and camper van rental platform in Europe, offers us five unique places in Spain from where it is possible to enjoy the most spectacular sunsets.

Es Vedrà (Ibiza): The western part of the island witnesses wonderful sunsets. Among the sites that could be recommended, one stands out above the others: the islet of Es Vedrà and specifically the Torre des Savinar. An impressive show that must be seen at least once in your life. Where to sleep in a motorhome? You can park for the night in the Cala Comte parking lot. I know lets spend the night without taking out camping items and without exceeding the parking space.

Cabo Mayor Lighthouse (Cantabria): In one of these cliffs, north of Santander, the Cabo Mayor Lighthouse is located. It is a stone building almost 200 years old, with a height of 91 meters. Installed in its surroundings, you can see the beauty of the cliffs and the sea while the sunset slowly dyes the water and the natural setting in which it is located in orange and violet tones. In Santander, the Llamas area offers itinerant travelers a free stay of up to 48 hours. It is possible to change the waters of the vehicle and pets are welcome.

Cavalleria lighthouse (Menorca): Among the singularities that can be observed in Menorca, its numerous lighthouses stand out. One in particular allows you to observe one of the most impressive sunsets in Spain: the Cabo de Cavalleria Lighthouse. It is the northernmost building on the island, and is representative of the local architecture, with its white color that evokes purity and tranquility. At dusk, its walls are stained with the colors of the sun, thus offering a paradisiacal view. To spend the night, the area of ​​Es Mercadal it has showers, toilets and video surveillance. A maximum stay of 72 hours is allowed.

Cocedores Beach (Murcia): In the south of the region, the Cocedores beach, located in a cove surrounded by cliffs, visitors feel isolated from the rest of the world. In Los Cocedores during sunset, the landscape turns orange and, if it weren’t for the sea, it could be mistaken for Mars. Less than 10 minutes by motorhome from Los Cocedores beach, the Aníbal Area Camper offers all the services needed to stay overnight, accepting pets.

Cala Bramant (Costa Brava): Near the city of Gerona, Cala Bramant has all the charm of Mediterranean beaches. With shallow, turquoise waters, this cove is surrounded by green hills and mountains. The feeling of peace that emanates from this place is unmatched: it is the perfect location for those seeking tranquility and disconnection. At sunset, the sun disappears just between the two cliffs that form the cove. This unique, almost geometric arrangement gives an impression of perfection to this magical moment. To sleep there is the Parking Car Port de Portbou which, as its name suggests, is located in the port of the town of Portbou, less than a kilometer from the border with France. Camping items are not allowed, and the different services are about 500 meters inside the town.

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