“We are at a time of maximum risk because secondary cases can be generated”




The mega outbreak of coronavirus due to end-of-course trips in Mallorca continues to worry experts. How far does the risk go? Are we playing losing the summer? There are many doubts that arise, although epidemiologists are clear: if we do not act, we will return to contagion figures that will not allow to enjoy a calm summer and that will also force to recover some of the restrictions that were months ago. «We are in a moment of maximum risk because new secondary cases can be generated “, sentence Joan Caylà, member of the Spanish Epidemiology Society (SEE), who insists on the need to comply with quarantines to prevent the virus from advancing without any control:” Isolating cases is basic because if not instead of talking about 1,000 cases we would surely start talking about 2,000 or 3,000 cases in the next few days ».

This epidemiologist also calls for precaution for the whole of society, especially for those who are younger, because at the time that this mega-outbreak occurred in Mallorca, others smaller they also arose among young people in places like Menorca or Tenerife. «You have to understand that the Covid is not a joke. If we have many young people affected, some end up hospitalized. And if there are many hospitalized, some may end up in the Intensive Citizens Units (ICU). And in the ICU, unfortunately, someone could die, “he laments, while recalling the ease of transmission that the Delta variant of the virus presents.

“Everyone we must row to save the summer. If any outbreak occurs, it is a deterrent for tourism “, says Dr. Caylà who, on the other hand, celebrates the fact that more and more people are vaccinated, including many of the parents of young people affected by this mega-outbreak, their health is not in as much danger as if they had not yet received the punctures against Covid-19. Nor does Dr. Manuel Franco, epidemiologist and spokesman for the Spanish Public Health Society (Sespas), believe that these infections will lead to more deaths, but he does consider that the effort should be intense when it comes to track cases. “If we had been more savvy, now we would have well-trained and well-oiled tracking teams,” he says, and advocates continuing to monitor the evolution of infected and close contacts.

Although he trusts that a mega-outbreak like the one in Mallorca will not be repeated, Dr. Franco does believe that there is currently “a warning sign” that warns of what could happen if the same mistakes are repeated. I think it will continue to happen. Not with outbreaks of such magnitude, but there are going to be more outbreaks in tourist places, “he explains, alluding to not so massive trips by groups of friends. “It has happened now for the EVAU, but it could have happened with any type of young tourist,” he says.

But not only the youngest have to be careful, warns this epidemiologist. It’s not just a question of 20-year-olds. The pandemic has been so difficult for many people and those in their 30s and 40s also really want to get together in one place. And he recommends: flee closed places and mass events.

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