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As it happens every year when the June 30th, a multitude of players face their last day with a contract in force. A contractual situation that will change in a few hours and will leave the players free in the transfer market. Some like Alaba (Real Madrid), Agüero (Barcelona), Depay (Barcelona) or Wijnaldum (PSG) did not want to wait for this date and they already have a new team. Many others will still have to sign a new contract, either with their old club or with a new one.


  1. Donnarumma

    Until now, the Milan goalkeeper has all the ballots to end up at PSG. They are several weeks of conversations and everything seems to indicate that Donnarumma will arrive to fight for the goal with Keylor Navas. At only 22 years old, it is a long-term future commitment and a reality. At the moment a great European Championship is taking place with Italy.

  2. Vaclik

    The Czech Republic goalkeeper is currently playing in the Eurocup with his team, with which he will play the quarterfinals against Denmark next Saturday. Vaclik has seen how Bono has overtaken him in the starting eleven of Sevilla and his future seems far from Nervión. Not much, as various league teams have knocked on his door. He is 32 years old.

  3. Dmitrovic

    Until now, the Eibar goalkeeper has been one of the most reliable locks in recent seasons in the League. However, the relegation of the team and the fact that the contract ended put his future far from the entity. Dmitrovic, who is 29, could fill the void left by Vaclik at Sevilla.

  4. Sergio Ramos

    One of the candy in the market. After not reaching an agreement for his renewal with Real Madrid, Sergio Ramos is free to sign for any club at zero cost. According to various information, he would have received a call from four important teams, although PSG is the favorite to end up incorporating him into their ranks. He is 35 years old.

  5. Boateng

    The 32-year-old Bayern Munich defender will change his sights this summer after a decade wearing the Bavarian club colors. The future of Boateng points to Italy, where Lazio and Roma star in a ‘derby’ to take over their services.

  6. Juan Mata

    The Spaniard could continue one more year at Old Trafford if he accepts, as they say in England, the downward offer that Manchester United has made him. At 33, Mata has been a ‘red devil’ for eight seasons.

  7. Ben Arfa

    A huge talent that injuries and his head have not allowed him to perform as expected from a player like him. Ben Arfa will not continue at Girondins de Bordeaux and Lille, flamate Ligue 1 champions, sounds like a possible destination. He is 34 years old.

  8. Leo messi

    The soap opera of the summer. Laporta wants to close its renewal as soon as possible, but the signature does not finish arriving. Messi is concentrating on the Copa América these days, so his contract extension could take a long time to arrive. Barcelona does not value not retaining its star, but the passage of time worries more than one in the entity. Messi just turned 34 years old.

  9. Marcos Paul

    20-year-old Brazilian winger signed by Atlético de Madrid last January. Its incorporation is not official and that is why it is on this list. The rojiblanco team reached an agreement with the player, which caused the anger of his club, Fluminense, who hoped to get a slice for him. This is why in recent months he has hardly participated. Simeone could count on him in case he left the Vitolo team.

  10. Angel

    A classic of the League. At 34 years old, and after having scored 46 goals from ‘azulón’, Ángel will not continue at Getafe. Despite the fact that his intention was to continue in the team, the club considered that his cycle was over. The latest information indicates that he would be close to closing his arrival in Mallorca.

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